Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Impossible Movie Review

Two days ago went to cinema alone to watch movie! Lol..suddenly wanted to watch movie and lazy to jio friends along so right after gym heading for movie! Yea..I watched the trailer of The Impossible and is really touched so decided to go for it!

I have prepared myself to cry like nobody business since I am watching it all alone! Lol..I enjoy watching movie when I can cry as much as I wished...I don't like to stop tears from dropping like when your friends is around and you have to "jaga muka" for not crying! Lol..

I tell you this is really seriously AWESOME! Must go watch peeps! I cry throughout the! Use tissues wipe till the whole tissue gone wet! Haha..

My god I love this movie! 
 photo the-impossible-international-poster_zpsbf91dc3b.jpg

The story is about a family went on a Christmas holiday to Phuket and coincidently the tsunami hit. Then the story continue with how they survived in such a devastating situation and how the family reunited at the end of the day. It feels awful when you see all of them are struggling in such situation. Really really sad..

 photo The-Impossible_zps43697210.jpg

After watching it, I can feel how terrible is the tsunami! Is so so frightening! Finally I understand why people said tsunami could destroy everything. When the water hit, you are drowning under water like a spin-dryer and you don't know what are going on in the next second!

 photo the-impossible1_zpsc992c4e6.jpg

Can you imagine how devastated when you are in this situation?

 photo the-impossible_mattress1_zps72dbce9e.jpg

The best part of this movie is that it is based on the true story that happened on a Spanish family of five. God bless them! ^^

Survivors..Maria Alvarez with husband Quique and sons Lucas, Simon and Thomas at the premier of The Impossible.
 photo FAMILY620_1648624a_zps9c162583.jpg

I realized not much people know about this movie but seriously you should go experienced it by yourself. Not everyone can survived under such disaster and be prepared to cry throughout the movie. You must watch..highly recommended! 

Right now..sit back and enjoy the trailer! 

I could watch the second time and yet still crying! Even watching the trailer makes my tears rolling! Aww..

Please go watch since exam ends and you are so free! Include in your must-watch list ya! Lol..enjoy! 

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  1. The story really moved me. The most touching part of the film is when Lucas goes about helping the other victims in the hospital and manages to reunite a father and his son.