Wednesday, January 16, 2013

English Garden Themed Wedding Reception

I am officially back in action. Feels so good to be back again..XD And this is also the first post on 2013! Lol..16th of Jan just started the first post! That means the following days I am going to update more often because...I still have a lot of pending posts! 

And this is a backdate event which happening on the beginning of December! It is very beautiful so I think I shall not missed it! Leave it as a memory in my blog..^^

My batch of Marketing students have been invited by Dr. Azizah to attend her niece's wedding reception! We heard she mentioned about the preparation of this reception in class before that her niece has very high expectations towards her wedding reception and even hire wedding planner to organize their dream wedding. So, when she mentioned about inviting us along, we were like very excited and majority of us wanted to go! Lol..

The wedding reception theme is English Garden. The huge cage ever I've seen in my life.. This is also the first time attending malay wedding so I become overexcited! However, from what I've been told by my friends, somehow this is not the traditional style of malay wedding, in fact I think it is kind of like inspired from "ang mo" (English) style outdoor wedding! Usually malay held their jamuan in the morning but this wedding reception held at night which is somehow similar like chinese wedding. :-) 

Lovely la..pretty flowers all over!


Ahhem, frankly speaking, this is a real bouquet of flower! Omg or not..! *mouth open big* Spent so much on flower decoration, dream wedding is really different! Lol..


Is also my first time seeing such a grand *at least to me la, because they even set up tent and projector, usually shown in tv only Lee Chong Wei wedding..haha* wedding reception! Please imagine they have 5 big tents like these, so please estimate by yourself how many tables it is! :p


The HUGE flowery cage! Pretty not! Purposely set up for this reception, I don't think they have any ready made one la..haha! If yes then where to keep such a huge!


We are so lucky to be invited by Dr. Azizah! Hehe..thanks again and feeling grateful!


HUGE or not..haha! 


The girls from Marketing Major..:-) 


Pretty Wai Yee and Jean Ray. We can't stop ourselves from shooting with the just too nice la! Haha..

IMG_8248 IMG_8244

My #ootn! Somehow I felt quite matching with the! I don't really like to wear this dress cz I shall say..erm, it makes me looked too "young"? 
I think I bought it like 4 to 5 years ago when I am still in secondary this dress suit form 5 to form 6 age la..but now..ahhem..old I always refused to wear! But I think I looked quite good in this dress with the theme that night is ok! Lol..

IMG_8242 IMG_8234

Ahha..btw the hair that I tied by myself. *first attempt and it turned out nice although is quite messy* I know the flower doesn't match with my dress but no choice I don't have any other accessories to put just simply pick a flower that I have in my wardrobe..XD


The main table


Chocolate fondue although it is not ready! Kids paradise...


Us again..:-) 


Here comes the bride and groom..I love this flowery decorated aisle..


Lily & Shazreen Wedding Reception 
8th of December 2012


I love this picture taken by me! Especially with the light..haha! 


This is the only few dishes that we had with briyani rice served. We finish them and requested for add on but no more already..T.T So if your table are full with 10 gents *big man I mean* then this is certainly too will definitely heading for supper! *Abu Mamak, Ali Mamak la, Nasi Beratur la...* 


Marshmallow with chocolate! The chocolate is really some Cadbury or those sorts of branded chocolate!


Group photo for those who attended..*not all of us here* total number of students in my class is roughly 20+..we love smaller class cz better interaction with the lecturer but it means that you are not able to skip class cz your lecturer will notice it! ><


See, see, see..still have fireworks leh! I think last for 3 to 5 you said la..grand or not! Lol...*never attended any wedding reception has fireworks one* o.O


A proper shot with Dr. Azizah! 




Everyone went back already, sneaked up to take photo! Lol..


Thanks again for the invite indeed a memorable one! 
I shall see any of the wedding reception is better than this! Haha..higher expectation now..
Door gift: left for the ladies, right for the gents


Actually we took a lot of photos but couldn't post it all if not I might be spamming this entry!

I didn't mentioned above where is the reception held, some of you might be guessing it correctly from the photos..:-) It is at Weld Quay! Initially I am still thinking where the hell Weld Quay has a place for wedding!

Alright..that's it for the post and I will post more photos in my Fb..will update my blog quite frequent in these day so stay tuned for nice food reviews! 


  1. What an awesome looking wedding reception. I have been planning my own and I just love the color set for the room. I have been so busy picking out the right kind of wedding napkins that I almost forgot about everything else that needs to go in the reception area. Thanks so much for the helpful pictures, plus the food looked so yummy!

    1. You are welcome! Glad that you liked it! Ya it consumes lots of time when it comes into decorating a perfect wedding reception! Everything must be the right one which match your dream wedding! Wish you luck for your wedding preparation and have a happy marriage!