Monday, January 28, 2013

Switching on My Holiday Mood

Having holiday now! Nua-ing at home..I didn't do anything productive leh like reading, do house chores ah, and etc. Instead I keep playing Temple Run 2 on the couch for the whole day while switching on the tv without watching! Lol..Temple Run 2 is so hard to play la! I used to acheive 18m in Temple Run but now 2.5m also hard for me in TR2! *sob*

And I realized I am not Bejeweled, Candy Crush, LinePop, Anipang type of person! I can't play puzzle games! Sucks at it! Always lose one..gave up on that already! So action games suits me more like Subway Surf, TR2, Chasing Yellow..BUT!! I can play Birzzle quite well wo! Why har...last time quite addicted to it..also considered as puzzle game what..haha! *I don't know what kind of person I am* Lol..

Since it is my holiday and #cny is approaching, hunting for new clothes is a must! So sorry to say that Penang got no new clothes to buy d..haha! Cz a few choices only..So decided to go KL hunting for new year clothes! Happy! Besides, food hunting as well la..fixed my food craving! Haha!

So far I am bored of Levain already but I still crave for Ikea meatball! Everytime go KL I will certainly request darling to bring me there! The photo you seen below is 2 persons! I can finish 10 meatballs all by myself, haha! *great achievement* With two chicken wings as well..big eater hor me! Lol..I must eat as much as I can cz I cannot come anytime as I wished so I must eat till I bloat! Haha..

Love it! #yummy
 photo IMG_0792_zpsdc0b71a7.jpg

I always claimed we rarely take pictures together one! :p

 photo IMG_0794_zps35b3892e.jpg

The next day decided to try something new for our brunch..suddenly thought of Antipodeon Big Breakfast so go for it but seriously hard to look for parking because we went during weekdays! Luckily god bless us after looking around for like 15 mins and I'm nearly give up on it, finally ONE parking lot is available at the basement car park! Thanks god! Phew..btw we went to Menara Tan&Tan branch. 

Antipodeon Big Breakfast RM19
I love the scrambled egg and grilled mushroom! Especially grilled mushroom cz I am mushroom-lover! Is kind of pricey la..will try it once time try other food! :-)

 photo IMG_0811_zps51424835.jpg

Breakfast of the Day?? *I forgot what is this called* RM19
I ordered Big Breakfast already so no choice he goes for another one! ^^ He said the baked beans is nice.

 photo IMG_0808_zpsed63936a.jpg

Shopping time! Erm..I feel so hopeless in the first day when I get myself no clothes except a hoodie from Uniqlo! Down to the max all clothes that are selling in F21, Topshop, Pull & Bear, Zara and etc are monotone *all same colour*. They are still displaying winter clothes..all long sleeves and sweater so not much to choose from! :-(

Luckily H&M saves me! Lol..bought some dresses over there, at least something colourful displaying in the store la! *phew*

Hungry hungry so decided to have some light meal before dinner so we choose..Carl's Jr.! Is our first time trying and is really good..*thumbs up* although is kind of one set with bottomless soft drink cost you nearly RM20! But I am glad that they have Heinz ketchup and chilli sauce instead of Maggi one! :p Lol..I love Heinz Ketchup!! 

 photo IMG_0822_zps509ad6cd.jpg

Dinner! Alor Kai Ngau Yuk Fan! My second time here! Craving for it! The soup of the Ngau Yuk Yun is so nice! Yummy yummy!

 photo IMG_0828_zpsf631d8c8.jpg

Next day, selca before heading out! Eyes bloated cz just wake up! Lol..

 photo IMG_0832_zps48f840f5.jpg

He brought me somewhere nice to have our brunch! Yu What Mai Fan 鱼滑米粉! Nice wo..I love it! And the chili is so damn extremely spicy! You know it is spicy but you will still dip it because it mixed well with the fish paste! His mouth swollen after finish it! Haha..really too spicy but you just can't stop yourself from it! 

鱼滑米粉 RM7 @ Pertama Kompleks
 photo IMG_0845_zps651ff1a1.jpg

That day he dropped me to meet Jean Ray! Hehe..feels so good to meet her in KL! Thanks for coming so far to shop with me! Love you! Give you big kisses!!! Appreciate lots and thanks to your bro as well! He is just too nice! 

I bought a lot with her, carrying three big bags on the way from Times Square, Sg. Wang, Fahrenheit 88 and to Pavilion to buy Snowflake then walk back to Fahrenheit again to meet Darling! I salute to myself, they are so heavy!! Guys quote #accompany girls shopping is way tiring than exercising Lol! Is true ok! Haha..

I'm just going to KL and I can bought this much, imagine how much I will buy if I go Bangkok! Haha..I always wondering that! Too cheap until you can't resist it!

 photo IMG_0855_zps2fbb88d0.jpg

Satay with his housemates before I go back! They strongly recommend this to me..haha! 

Chicken Satay RM0.70 each @ Danau Kota, Setapak
 photo IMG_0857_zps89b161d1.jpg

By the way I have cut my fringe! Finally! Do I look good in bangs?! Haha..

 photo IMG_0927_zps246f3f9a.jpg

Happy holiday to all! Having semester break and also having holiday mood in blogging! Lol..
so procrastinating on updating it! ><

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