Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pampered your hair with Panasonic Nanocare EH-NA30 Hairdryer

First of all, Happy Deepavali to all my friends and Malaysia, Happy Holiday to you too! Enjoying huh? :)

Finally the long awaiting Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer post is UP! I am so excited..lolol..my first attempt on doing a video tutorial.

I bought this Panasonic Nanocare Hairdryer a month ago, but I have no time to do the review, so leave it till the holiday! Lol..Pink color hairdryer is my choice! *Anyway pink is not my favourite color though..lol* Cz they have two choices only so I rather go for pink instead of the ordinary white.

They have white and pink colour only so I chose pink for myself. They provide two types of nozzles, as shown in the picture below is the healthy quick drying nozzle, photo above is the styling nozzle. I usually use the styling one. :) Easier for blowing hair with round brush. 

Two types of airflow to choose from: 
2: Dry (Strong airflow)
1: Set (Gentle airflow)
0: Off

Temperature selector:
Top: Hot (Hot air)
Middle: Healthy (Warm air)
Bottom: Cool (Cool air)

The speciality of this hair dryer is the nanocare function and this is also the reason why I bought this hairdryer! Lol..fall in love when the first time I've seen it. I will explain to you how this nanocare works!

What is nanoe?
Nanoe is charged fine water particles, generated by applying high voltage in order to split water. Its diameter is smaller than 1/100 of steam, and it cannot be seen with the naked eye. It draws moisture from the air to produce nano-sized moisture icons that will infiltrate hair better. 
That is why they said it can moisturised your hair and prevent breakage by using this!

How nanoe works?
Generally hair has properties which make it easy to become positively charged with electricity. These properties attract strongly negatively charged nanoe which penetrates the hair with moisture. Furthermore, they make the hair slightly acidic, tighten cuticles and keep your hair strong, elastic and healthy. It also help reduce static electricity on hair. No more tangled hair already! 
It also reduces excess sebum on our hair scalp.
What is hair sebum? *Google time*
It is a coating of natural oil that protects the hair and makes it shinier. Sebum is odorless, but its bacterial breakdown can produce odors. Sebum is the cause of some people experiencing "oily" hair.

It can be folded as well, so not to worry about the bulky size of your hairdryer! Bring it along when you go travel la..Attentive huh the designer! Haha..

My first attempt on video tutorial.
Ugly me without eye brow and naked face to show people. ><
I felt that the video is not really clear and advisable to watch it in 480p.
Faced so many problems when editing and uploading this video, bare with me for the first try ya! Lol..


Thanks for finish it! Lol..how was it?

Here are some of the clearer shots to show you my hair condition. :)
See, my glossy and healthy hair. Not much flyaway hairs anymore! Hehe..You will realized there are less tangled hair so your hair will not break off easily when your are blowing them. 
*this picture is ruined by my faded hair color* ><

Smooth or not on the left side of my hair. Lolol....the result is so obvious..like just came back from saloon. LOL!

One more thing to take note in this picture, I did not apply any hair cream or oil before I blow my hair, so if I apply them, the result will be even better. I want to show you the true result that is why I didn't apply anything here. :)

The most important thing is how much is this hairdryer! Lol..retailing at RM239.90. I personally think that it is worthy cz it is for our own sake to achieve the better and healthy hair scalp. You can't achieve them from the normal hairdryer and those hairdryer will damaged your hair causing split-ends! This hairdryer not only moisturized your hair and it also protects your hair cuticles!

So good..faster go buy one and share it among your family members! Haha..and hairdryer can use it for a very long period so is still worth it! :)

I knew that Sharp is also introducing similar products with Plasmacluster Ion Technology, but it is selling at RM599! To me, this is TOO expensive la...:-( So I go for this!

Visit Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment for more beauty products. Very tempting right..haha! I also can't resist on their pore cleaner, anyone want to sponsor me? Lol!

I hope you enjoy reading this post. Putting so much effort on doing it..since is my first trial! I hope you like it and pampered yourself with better products ba! :)


  1. Hi. Just found out your post in google... I am wondering, is the temperature of Cool Air setting as cool//cold as the hairdryer people always use in hair saloon??
    Because I have experienced some hairdryer which when I set it to Cool Air, the air temperature still kinda warm, not hot, but little warm, not as cold as those are used in hair saloon.

    Thanks. Really appreciate if you could share more information about it.

    1. Hi,

      The cold setting is really cold air so don't worry about it. :-) Hope it helps.