Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't Leave Me

Nothing much to update about my super normal simple ordinary life!

I didn't visit to any newly open restaurant to try out food so can't update any reviews for you guys. Lol..

But this Thursday going out with friends gonna try something new, perhaps after that could do some food reviews already. Long time didn't update about food review. Find no companion to go with me la..but now I found kaki to go with me already. Haha..happy happy!

Last Sunday went out with the kids..had so much fun with them! So cute those little cutie!

I will have a short getaway this weekend..I am looking forward and actually quite excited over it! Somewhere that I've never been to before..LOL! You will be shocked when I update my blog and realized I have never been to that place. Haha...

Yesterday Darling went to watch Life of Pi 3D Nuffnang movie premier. I can't go so I lent it to him. Raining so heavily and he still drive so far to One Utama to attend for that premier, felt so touched cz he don't want my effort to be wasted! Thanks sweetheart!

He said the movie is nice and I bet with the 3D effect and everything it is even better! I read other's review also said it is superb movie with the story and 3D! So watch in 3D instead of the normal screening! Go go watch! Lol...

My upcoming-must-watch movie will be Wreck-It-Ralph! the review saying it is an amazing movie..sometimes watch animation movie can seriously make you happier! Hehe..trailer here you go!

Watched Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two and Cold War already! Both are also awesome one! I am not a Twilight fans but I watched the last Twilight series in was not bad though! I don't usually like Twilight cz to me it is like Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart romance story only...==" But the Twilight breaking dawn is nice! Should go watch!

Don't forget about Cold War as well! Thumbs up! I love Andy Lau! Lol..Aaron Kwok too!

Actually last week I had Baskin Robbins passes to their event as well in Publika but end up I can't go again! Why am I studying in Penang huh? If I am in KL I can go anytime..>< If I went then I can take photos for you and see how the event looks like..XD and take photos with all the pretty bloggers! Lol..

A photo of me wearing formal during presentation..long time didn't wear formal..and I don't really like it! :-(

Darling said I look different from the formal and casual from Instagram! :-)

Btw, I try not to make my blog too all food review and sponsor post like that..I am still myself who love to crap about my story and I hope you won't feel that I am too bored! Hehe..I love all of you who like my posts and visit to my blog regularly! Appreciate seriously my motivation! Next week will have interesting updates already! Haha..don't leave me! 

Stay tuned!

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