Tuesday, December 4, 2012

AHMO is coming to town!

I am back! Not to bother about my assignment for a while..Lol! Wait till I done with my assignment then only I update, I think it would be ages! Lol..endless assignments la! 

I have no time to update my blog cz last week I went for a trip..Has been a week you didn't see me update already..don't worry this month I will still update average of 9 to 10 posts! Haha..waiting to see me spamming your FB wall day by day with my blog post updates! *evil laugh*

Last week went to celebrate my belated birthday dinner with my dear cz both of us are quite pack with our schedule. She want to buy me something as my birthday present but I told her I prefer to have dinner together so we go for this! 

I choose AHMO as my choice..:-) another dining spot around burma road area!

US! With my pretty dear...very high market value one ah..haha!

A new restaurant in town. Just somewhere along Harvest Inn and opposite La France.

Their food are considered quite cheap but be prepare that the portion is quite small. Apparently, they serve variety of food until the extent that you don't know what to choose and asking for recommendations. And I think everything taste good! :-)

Left: Food menu
Right: Beverage menu
*Help me..I am seriously sucks at taking clear picture with DSLR! Noob till the max!!*

Tadaa! Soup of the day! 
Apple and Vegetable Soup *somehow it looks quite alike to pumpkin soup*
It is quite refreshing cz is sour based. To me, it tasted like laksa soup but dear think it tasted like sweet and sour soup. Lol..But I recommend you to go try this..rich texture! Yummy..

Mushroom Crostini RM7.90
canapes of cream thyme mushroom
This is absolutely yummy! They gave generous portion of mushroom so every bite of it will be full of the creamy mushroom. You can try on these if you like mushroom! 

Main course
Apricot Chicken RM17.90
with sultana apricot compote
The picture that I like the most! At least it is not blur! Lol..I love how they present their food..it looks so pretty..hehe! The chicken is quite tender, not bad..apricot as you know will be a bit sour. But portion is too small for me la..they served lots of vege. 

Main course
Lasagne al Forno RM16.90
pasta sheets layered with chicken tomato and cheese
It tasted good as well but again the portion is small. :-(

Main course
Chicken Cafe de Paris RM15.90
grilled chicken with flavoured butter
I love it..the yellow paste is butter, I don't know how to describe how it taste, cz if you eat it alone it taste weird. Lol..if you spread it on the chicken then it taste delicious..Is again a small portion of chicken..for guys, a few bites you can finish them off! Haha..half of the plate is vege with steamed cabbage and grilled potatoes.

Here come the interior! 

We went on Thursday night so there are not much of people. 

But is a cosy place where you can come with your friends to have catch up session. 

Thanks to dear for the dinner treat I love it! 
I will suggest you to dine in one day, cz almost all of their food tasted delicious, and the taste is kinda special with variety of main course to choose from either seafood, chicken, pasta, beef, burgers and sandwiches, lamb and so on. *pastel colors* ^^ 
They provide prompt service when you need their assistance. 

Super fat and dark in this photo! *Sobbing* anyway I just want to show the outdoor garden view. 
*Ignored me in the picture* It shows that I should stop eating already! 
Recently no time to go workout la..><

Click here for map location! Enjoy the food hunting!

Call for reservation
No. 2, Irrawady Road
10050 Pulau Pinang.
Contact: 04-229 9223
Business Hour:
Lunch 11am to 3pm 
Dinner 6pm to 10pm
Closed on Sunday

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