Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sorry For That

I have been harsh recently.

I can barely control my emotion lately. 

All these is due to my procrastination.

If things can be done earlier then all this issues will never happen.

I will change this bad attitude of mine and learn to be a better person.

Sometimes being straight forward do no good to me. It depends on the situation. 

If a person is too over, it may unintentionally hurt others feelings.

Guendeline, you should learn to control your emotion and be extra kind and polite. I must learn to care and concern about others feelings. :-(

No one like a strong and tough women.

#1 Don't be too expressive when it is not necessary.

#2 Don't be so busy body towards things that are not concern with me. 

#3 Don't be a procrastinator. Never give yourself excuses. Procrastinator can never SUCCESS! 

Bare in mind Ah Guen!!

*Saying this to my family and friends and including him...:-(

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