Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet Tooth Escape

Beach Street

A place where everyone is familiar with.
Day time traffic congested due to the bank and office buildings along the street
whereas traffic busy at night due to loads of restaurant and cafe around the area.

 photo IMG_7690_zpse1b014eb.jpg

Tonight, the journey begin with #TheTwelveCups

 photo IMG_7692_zpsb646a251.jpg

 photo IMG_7702_zps8c84d0d5.jpg

Take note on the coffee cup design. Saw the 12 on top of it? ^^

 photo IMG_7703_zps220adeeb.jpg

A signature wall in #TheTwelveCups.

 photo IMG_7707_zps71e8b0c2.jpg

Merry Christmas in advance! :-)

 photo IMG_7709_zps9a4209f8.jpg

Signature #MilleCrepe.

 photo IMG_7710_zps2669b795.jpg

Always love the layer of crepes.
A silly action where everyone is doing: counting exactly how many layers! Lol..
Don't tell me you are not doing it...:p

 photo IMG_7713_zpsac92fe33.jpg

Signature #HokkaidoChocolate.

 photo IMG_7711_zpsa1e1b5ba.jpg

The pretty girls #Guendeline and #SinWahTan. Lol.

 photo IMG_9264_zps2154879b.jpg

The #HokkaidoMilk.
Portion is way too small. :-(

 photo IMG_7685_zpsb7b9cbea.jpg

 photo IMG_7677_zps15a726cb.jpg

Comparing both of it, I will prefer #HokkaidoChocolate.
Look at the thick cream between the crepe. #Sinful #Fattening Lol
The picture is spoiled by the chocolate spread on the plate. ><
I assumed the right one is cup. =="
Should get a person with better drawing to decorate it cz anyhow it is still the first impression ma...lol!

 photo IMG_7681_zps678e511f.jpg

Usually no reservations is required.
So just walk in and if you are lucky you get your seats. ^^ 
I hope you enjoy the sweet tooth journey! 

The Twelve Cups
Contact: 04-262 6812
Address: 12, beach street 10300 Pulau Pinang. 
Opening hours: refer to the #3 photo. :-)

Anyway I still prefer Humble Beginning. At least there are more varieties and the portion is bigger!

p/s went there about a month ago but just updated..I know I am extremely late! Haha..

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