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Career Preparation Workshop - The Jewel of Kedah

Finally finally finally! You know what? These photos uploaded since morning 9am but I just start writing about it BECAUSE me here facing the super big problem of uploading photos to blogger! Thanks to Kwang Cher and Xuxu for the help. At least I know why is it happened!

I have google-d to look for reviews and many people are actually facing it as well. So bloggers who are using blogspot please take note, if you are uploading photos directly via blogspot then soon you will be facing the same problem like me! QUOTA EXCEEDED 1GB! Then you will have to think alternatives how to solve it! :-(

Kwang Cher and Xuxu are giving me different alternatives but me noob one end up I am going for Nana aka nanabwincess's suggestion which is sign up an account at Photobucket! Then copy the URL and paste it here! Alright..Xuxu said 2GB enough for me to used up for 3 years..DONE! Problem settled! I can't go off like this without it to be I know the next time when I am super excited to draft a new post and same problem happened again...>< I am gonna SMACKED my lappie liao! Lol...

If anyone need help in the future, ask me, I am noob, but at least I experienced it earlier than you. T.T

------------------------------------------------End Story----------------------------------------------

Alright is time to begin this new post! :p *crap a lot..paiseh* 
Alert: Is gonna be tons of photos coming up soon!

Ta dang dang dang! I have mentioned before I went for a trip huh? Hehe...revealed here! It is actually a trip to Langkawi for training under USM program! I am so anticipating although I know I have to submit a 20% assignment on Thursday! But fine, I managed to finish them and submitted yesterday! *Happy girl now*

I am so happy to go for this trip lo..because
1. I have never been to Langkawi before! p/s Alright don't laugh at me..I know many of you go until want puke already! Haha..
2. I can go with friends! I love travelling with friends la seriously! 
3. A getaway from those stressful assignment! 

Ok, story about the trip liao..we depart at 11am from USM! Waiting for representatives from USM Health Campus and USM Engineering Campus to join us! This is a program which are having around 80 students from USM 3 different campus representatives. Excited la~

Yea yea! Going with Wai Yee, Jian Thyn and Chris! Not to mention, this is a 3 days 2 nights training workshop! *happy la us* The first time 4 of us travelling together..not bad though..we are very excited! Indeed four of us very cakap banyak also..non stop talking and story sharing through the 3 days program! Lol..

With the pretty and very-polite Wai Yee..*I should learn from her* She is very of the MPP representative from School of Management *another one is Chris*, Aiesecer, USM Convocation Vice President, CNY she got involved as well..and so on la..very keng one..Haha...and my marketing coursemate! :-) 

Please look at this scene. Is the Kuala Perlis port to Langkawi, damn pack la wei..We happened to wait around 20 minutes for the people to take off from the ferry then only we are allowed to on board. 

Under construction. ==" 

Flooded with people! Here no fan, no air cond, no ventilation I die us..everyone keep sweating! 

But when you step on the ferry..AHH! Feels so is very cold..before we coming in, we keep asking around, got air cond, got air cond ah? Lol! 

Not bad la this ferry..quite huge, spacious, cold and clean as well..:-) Before I come, I thought the transport to Langkawi is like boat those type one..luckily it proves me wrong! Haha..I even bought the Travel Sickness Tablet just afraid I will puke due to sea sick! Lolol...*gai lo me*

View from the ferry! I love looking at the sea so much! I want to go Santorini, Maldives and etc! 

Finally reach Langkawi and this is the resort where we are going to stay these 3 days!

Qiang qiang! Going to get our room key, praying hard to be in the same room with Wai Yee, cz she is my only female friend in this trip. 

The training workshop that we will be attending throughout the program! That is why last week I have no time to update my away for too long..LOL!

Room that we have! Yeah, Wai Yee and I same room..! Soon we have a roommate as well from Engineering Campus..she is very friendly and cute *19 years old only!* but too bad we didn't managed to take photo with her..:-(

The place where we dine in everyday for every single meals! The food prepared was great! Chris said rating for the food "A"! Lol...

Dinner dinner time! Photo first! Lol...*photos from Jian Thyn* Haha..

Told you their food holiao la! Haha..

The conference hall where we are going to have our training workshop. That night will be ice breaking and some introduction about this program. Then back to sleep..was so freaking tired already..carrying our luggage around..Lol! 

Our supper! Some cucuk udang like that..very yummy to go with the satay sauce..and their prawns seriously big! How good if those cucuk udang selling in USM have such a big prawn..*daydreaming* Initially I asked myself to control...but end know me to eat...I think I eat the most among four of us! T.T

Good morning! Second day already! Happy morning!

Selca in the room before come out. Wearing the shirt given by the committee.

Everyone wearing the same outfit for today's training program. Again, photo taken in the lift! Lol..

Breakfast breakfast! Love it..nasi lemak la..spaghetti la..wedges la..sausage la..salad la..everything that you need for an essential and energize breakfast is here! We are so happy and anticipate for the breakfast served! Especially Chris! Lol..

Wah egg egg! Love it! 

I told them I am desperately hoping to see sausages for the breakfast. Then, this jian thyn took a lot..we can't finish it, then he said, you said you like ma..nah eat loh...==" But we managed to finish it la! 

Red color suits us a lot! Not that bad what this top..haha!

The conference hall for the training program. You are not mistaken, it is outside of the resort! Lol..

Nice view from the resort! Too bad we don't have extra time to snap pictures around..schedule pack with full program..and we know we are coming for the workshop not travelling and fooling around la..LOL!

Before the program of the day begin..sneaked out and snap some pictures first..hehe! 
*BIG LOVE to the view* 

All this taken by my i4s! ^^ You can actually see the iconic helang there far far away. Can see it? Haha..

The training conducted by Puan Mary. She is a professional trainer and expertise on 
-Grooming, personal image
-Resume and cover letter writing
-Communication in interview
-Interview etiquettes
-Job hunting skills
-Internship preparation, so on and so forth. 

Seriously learnt a lot from her on how to write an effective resume to secure the interview opportunity, grooming, what is the questions that will be asked during interview session, how to answer those questions to impress the interviewers and so on. So now I am better prepared to handle my interview and resume in the future. :-) 

Visit to Puan Mary facebook page to know more about her. She is really a great speaker and nice person! Not to mention, she is trilingual in English, Malay and Mandarin, both written and spoken! She study Chinese till Form 5 lo! So impressive! 

Hungry or not looking at this! Haha...the lunch! Want to go back for more...:-(

Some of the friends that we knew from this workshop. *Photos from Redza*
From Left: Vincent, Diing Shenq, Jian Thyn, Redza (representatives from Engineering Campus except Jian Thyn), Chris and Wai Yee. 

This time, dinner in a rush!

That's the end of the second day! We went to chill at the beach during night time. Please lo..go Langkawi must enjoy some time at the beach can we go back sleep early..Lol..don't thought we do something bad...Just some chit chatting with them before we leave la..but so happy to know all of you and let me know more about Engineering Campus! Lol..should visit some day before I graduate! 

Hunting for chocolate the third day! Not much time to take photos of every single third day..RUSH MODE ON! We are like siao lang, rush here and there, cz no time to buy chocolate already..

Before I go, I told myself I won't buy anything, chocolate only not my favourite and I wonder why people can spend hours just to shop for chocolate..totally unreasonable..

But when I go...

Yes! Nobody can resist on chocolate! 
Yes! Shop for chocolate need to spend lots of time! Hahahaha...

Some of them to show you how cheap is it! And all these are my favourite! No money to buy them all..I have control already! Cz I have no idea how to carry them on the ferry! Damn, it is HEAVY!

Ferrero, perhaps an exclusive one? I don't know..I am not a Ferrero's lover! Lol..But is RM10 cheaper in Langkawi!!

Lays! So lovely! I love their packaging..I have tried..but not ho liao also...:-(

Christmas series..obviously it is more expensive than the normal packaging.



I love this! My many flavour to choose from! I don't know what to choose!

Hershey's of the branded chocolate too!

NUTELLA! I love this packaging! Is it limited edition or what? Why I never seen it from hypermarket one?

This is so cute~! I nearly buy them! But I ask myself to control! Lol...

Haha..this is some of the things that I bought! *emphasizing some! *sis taken this photo*

The end of my trip! Thanks for finish reading! Lol...
Don't thought we always play..I am just highlighting the play part...second day we were attending workshop and forum for the entire day! :-)

Thanks for giving me the chance to attend! Precious experience and unforgettable memory with all the new friends that I've made!
Thanks to USM Unit Kerjaya for this fruitful trip!

Photo credits to Training Cube International

because you managed to finish this post! Lol..

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