Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girls-meet up-gathering session

Happy graduation to you Shu Vern!

You are the first person that I've ever attend for convocation besides Sin Wah's diploma convo. Touched or not! Lol..

Her convocation is at Traders Hotel, so according to my expectation, after attended her convo I'm going home to have home cooked lunch that's why I didn't dress up well. Manatau I meet my long-lost girl friends there, oh no, I am under dressed liao! ><

 photo 380649_10200319278331583_1107884799_n_zpsd38b0729.jpg

Four of us coming for her graduation ceremony, not attending the whole event, just photo taking after the ceremony. Lay Yin came late so no group photos with her. :-(

 photo 222260_10200319281291657_2124917080_n_zpsaeb0364a.jpg

See, I met so many friends, everyone wearing dress, Chia Hoey and I under dressed liao lo! 
So there are actually 3 girls who graduated..all of us are from the same secondary school. :-)

 photo 300960_10200319283011700_1569867273_n_zps380d3472.jpg

Thanks for the photo, I love it! from someone..*I don't know who is it* But Shu is the one who tagged me. Lol...

 photo 282945_10151356415922931_341132945_n_zps33a89991.jpg

My secondary school mate. 
From left: Yann, Chia Hoey, Guen and Xiao Jing

 photo IMG_9745_zps7cf48404.jpg

All of us here including Lay Yin! Once again Happy Graduation Shu!
There are more coming up soon and I guessed I will be the last one for convo! ><

 photo 537548_10200319291211905_1617318754_n_zpsf83bfd2c.jpg

See, who I met here! 
See Wai aka Ah Hwei *I used to called her* graduated! Congrats! So good we meet each other and manage to take photos with you all. Happy nia! ^^
Btw the couple on the left is the one that I wrote about their wedding reception, if you haven't read,
click See Wan's Wedding Reception

 photo IMG_9656_zps28d666e3.jpg

Lunch together with the girls! 
From left: Shu, Venise, Ai Jia, Guen, Yann and Xiao Jing

 photo 18096_10200319291651916_97999714_n_zps9ef0294b.jpg

Chit chatting non stop *#girlsbeinggirls* and we said we will be hang out again in the coming days! 
Sing K perhaps? ;-)

 photo IMG_9744_zps0d0d4e4d.jpg

Selca is a must la for girls' outings! Haha..
I think I never met both of you after sec school. Never expect will see both of you here!
Keep in touch pretties! ^^

 photo IMG_9752_zpsff0eb694.jpg

Always seen her in Fb, never meet her in real person. Haha..
Although this is just the first time we met but we can talk a lot liao..
relationship ah, study ah, working ah and so on!  
People wear so pretty and I am so under dressed! =="

 photo IMG_9751_zps9e328acc.jpg

With Ai Jia. I don't used to know her when we are in secondary school but now grown up already, even last time didn't know each other we can also shared lots of topic. Lol..
And she is really friendly and sweet! Same with Xiao Jing. 

 photo IMG_9754_zpsa61ce45b.jpg

We took lots of photos outside Sakae la! Haha..

 photo 525991_10151315439633620_524144367_n_zps0f45c6db.jpg

That's it for the girls-meet up-gathering session! All must turn prettier and prettier ya! 
We will date each other again! See you..and good luck for the job hunting! Xoxo...


Went ToyRus with my dear *Sin Wah*, found Pororo at the display shelves!
So cute! Imma like a kids when I saw it!
I rarely like soft toy this kind of things and I know is kinda waste of money.
The only soft toy that I really love before would be Gingerbread man. 
Don't you think is so cute?! Lol..
I have three different sizes of Gingerbread at home..
small, medium, large and all are well kept in wardrobe now! =="

So Pororo would be my next love, but is so damn expensive la..this soft toy costs RM149.90!! 
*bloody expensive* o.O
So just snap a photo of it la..when I miss it perhaps I will just go ToyRus to take a look! Haha..
Hello all, if you seen this post, please don't buy for me, I would rather spend the RM150 for something else!
I don't want to keep RM150 in my wardrobe again! Lol..

 photo IMG_9798_zps03baf95a.jpg

I wished you have a nice day!
*pastel love*

p/s I still have some pending posts on food review and perhaps some tutorials so stay tuned with me! ;-)

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