Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Om Nom Nom with de Love

One of the today's agenda would be update my blog! Alright no procrastinating anymore..although is late..*10 something to me is almost bed time* LOL...

I should get it done by tonight! No delaying already..today is 10th and I've just update the fourth post! Slow la me..many things to blog about..just unwilling to get my hands on the keyboard..:p *laziness conquer*

Know what..words always come naturally when I decide to blog..no need to draft one..as long as I have the idea, the photos..then the content will comes naturally..haha! So sometimes after I done with a post, I wonder how I did that by writing such a loooonnggggg post..LOL!

Tricky and time consuming part would be filtering and uploading photos only la..fyi, my house current internet speed is just 364KBPS *eyes popping* Keng hor I can still survive till today...! Salute to myself..Lol..but last week...I've went to register for a faster speed..*cz contract finally end* *evil laugh* few days later..it will be 4MBPS liao! Muahahaha..but is still streamyx la cz my house area has no unifi, fibre optic those internet support! So no choice..>< Anyway I am grateful already..*wink*

Last week Thursday night went to Gurney with sis looking for dress. Then try out the nyonya food at basement..not bad also wo..always saw many people dining in, then I feel like trying out new food *cz I always went to the same shop one..* ==" so we go for this..and is quite cheap with good food served..so considered ok..if you are looking for ala carte which is RM10 below and would like to try out something new then go for this la..*service charges apply*

Sis ordered the seafood spaghetti..with curry one..not bad..although weird combination..but I think is better than my nyonya curry mee...I miss Malacca food so much hence craving for yummy nyonya food..any good recommendation in Penang? Hehe...btw I forgot the name of the restaurant but just beside Siam Express..:-)

Update with my daily life la~ Had a joyful weekend cz he come back again! Happy till the max la by having him around..♥ I said hor..we not even meet up 48 hours once every three weeks! Sad..


Both of us is so funny..thinking of what to eat and initially we said 
"please har..never go for chicken rice shop cz outside everywhere selling chicken rice and this is so much expensive compared to those.." 
but hor..later on..we walk forward to the menu stand..
"not bad wo the food.." 
then go in and ordered two ala carte set..LOL! And surprisingly it taste good...haha! 
*may be we are too hungry* 


Last Saturday was my cousin's wedding dinner at Rasa Sayang Resort. Apparently, both of us rushing here and there the whole day busy with his hair cut, my hair do, make up and everything..not much pak tor time except the chicken rice brunch..LOL!


So, I will be updating a post about this wedding dinner soon..stay tuned for the pretty pictures then! Hehe..*feeling so weird with heavy make up on* ><

Going to share you my "beloved" make up base that I've used don't know how many bottles already..Shu Uemura make up base mousse! Love the texture and natural looking skin colour after I applied it..It won't be so thick or clog your pores like how bb cream does on my face. Nuuuuuu....>< *hate bb cream* Most importantly, it is not oily! So not to worry even it is on such hot weather. *wink*

Retailing at RM118. There is the one and only one Shu Uemura outlet in Penang which is in Gurney Plaza. Shu Uemura cosmetics always not bad one and I like their cleansing oil and EYEBROW PENCIL! *next time show you and tell you the price*


Hello on Sunday Morning! Is a happy morning to me..


because...having him around! ^^ *he hates this photo* LOLOL...


Later on go for lunchie at CRC...long time didn't had nice food already..We seldom go for good food if he is not here! The -top right dish- brinjal taste good..usually I don't like it because of the "awful" spongy bite of brinjal but this don't taste like the usual one so I ate quite a lot..LOL!


The "kiam pah" face again..*kua tiok gui* haha!


Went to Popular Fair in SQ and we saw this..#hellokitty lovers see this gonna scold the author gao gao! Haha..


HB crepe cake cz I was craving for desserts..initially go for Chatime but ended up choosing this..still prefer HB than Twelve Cups..and I think TC is too small portion..this was the peanut butter chocolate flavour..*thumbs up*


Some books that I bought from the fair..all English book cz wanted to improve my English what..Lol!

Wanted to buy The Last Lecture long ago and this time saw it selling with cheaper price so grab one! :p

IMG_9582 IMG_9581

Last time went to MPH ask about his first book Life Without Limits..no stock and have to order so end up didn't buy it then this time saw his second book so decided to go for it..
That's it la..don't want to buy too much cz scare I didn't read them..haha! *bad habit*


Dinner dinner with relatives from Sabah at Sakae Sushi. #selca


Love this photo lo..taken with i4s! Tempting or not?! ^^



End my post with BR ice cream! Girls #forevercraving for dessert! 


Cannot tahan! Off to bed! Night all..

p/s Thinking of chopping my hair to shoulder length and cut a shorter fringe? How was it? Haven't been trying on this length since Form 5..Haha! 

But ya hor..like that I cannot tied pretty hair already! T.T So how??? 

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