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Breakfast @ Irrawaddy Fine Foods, Penang

Last week, after boyfriend's hair cut was looking around for lunch at Irrawaddy area. Right before we leave, he saw a notice board outside That Little Wine Bar with their lunch menu. Out of expectation, their lunch served is cheap. So decision made!

Actually one week before he came back, I was craving for their Mushroom Quiche and he had made dinner reservation the night before we have our lunch here but at last we didn't make it.

Luckily we failed to do so cz when we saw their lunch menu, they served Mushroom Quiche as well but the price is half of the dinner menu! I was like "WHAT?! I want to lunch here!"

The appealing part is that the food served is the same. Meaning if you come for dinner, you are paying double of the price to get the same food! Lol..

I crave for it because last year we celebrated our Valentine's in That Little Wine Bar and I had Mushroom Quiche that night. Loving the rich cheesy flavour! Yummy!

 photo IMG_9530_zpse5112bb5.jpg

Irrawaddy Fine Foods is operating under That Little Wine Bar restaurant. It used to be the restaurant beside AHMO but later on they moved here mainly serving lunch and night time all the table settings will change into That Little Wine Bar interior. 

Hot Lunches, sandwiches, cakes, desserts and drinks to choose from. With the kind of fine dining environment, the price of the food served considered reasonable. 

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The interior of the restaurant. 

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Spot their Wild Mushroom Soup at the corner? This mushroom soup is different compared to the ordinary one that you have in other restaurant. Usually those are creamy with strong wild mushroom flavour but the wild mushroom soup that you get here is clear soup based.

Strange huh? Never try this kind of mushroom soup before right? I had it during my Valentine's. Darling strongly recommend to try this and is true, it tasted different but I don't really remember how it tasted already. Anyway is a year ago so forgive me. You can try it yourself! :-)

They only served it for dinner menu. 

 photo IMG_9548_zps9a854c0e.jpg

Photo taken during Valentine's a year ago. Lol..why didn't I bring DSLR along..Noob! Fyi, this Wild Mushroom Soup cost us RM25!! My goodness..if it's not because of Valentine's I won't order this *valentine's so-called the special occasion* T.T

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 photo IMG_9552_zps9ad5fd2a.jpg

You may enquire the server for the cakes available on that particular day. 

 photo IMG_9560_zps94258231.jpg

Many newspaper articles about That Little Wine Bar being framed and hanging around.

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Mushroom Quiche RM12 
Qiang qiang! This is the mushroom quiche that I liked! For dinner you will get it at RM28! O.O
So huge difference! Erm..I wasn't sure how should I describe the taste, I just know it tasted so heavenly good. Anyway I like it very much la! Haha..
The filling is very soft and cheesy with mushroom and again it melts in your mouth! My goodness! I super love this. Words solely can't describe how much I love! Haha..besides that, their salad served with very fresh lettuce and the vinegar match well with it. 

 photo IMG_9570_zps7bec94d1.jpg

Lasagne RM7.90
Is so unbelievable to see such a generous portion of lasagne with RM7.90 in this kind of restaurant right? Is even cheaper than some of the western food stalls selling at hawker!
Needless to worry, even the price is cheap but the food served with assure quality! So next time I know where to head for lunch already! la wei and is really nice! Lol..

 photo IMG_9573_zps054f7a30.jpg

Btw, Darling ordered lasagne and this is my food! Why you take picture with my food har! 

 photo IMG_9576_zps5401e2b5.jpg

Yours truly blogger who enjoy her Mushroom Quiche avidly! Lol..crave fixed! Love..thanks dear! 
*big portion of lasagne right*

 photo IMG_9578_zps735161d2.jpg

See the thick layer of lasagne with only RM7.90! How can you not try!! Super cheap time have your lunch here before you head to Gurney for movie or shopping! Lol..

 photo IMG_9574_zps6debf4ad.jpg

Wah! Heaven! I told you it melts in your mouth right! I wasn't lying lo..never lies when it comes to food! Yummy means yummy, awful means no second time! Lol..I tell the truth one!
But a friendly reminder, if you can't bare with cheese then is better that you share it with someone, if you love cheese then you must try this!! Anyway if you don't like it, please don't blame me since everyone has different preference in food but I strongly recommend this! Lol..

 photo IMG_9582_zps69e9fc12.jpg

Recognized the location? It is located at Chow Thye road, same row with Jemputree and Isaribi Tei, you turn in from Harvest Inn, go straight then you will see this on your right. Everyone should be very familiar with this place la, AHMOVictoria Rossa, Tong Pak Fu are all around!

 photo IMG_9535_zpscffbceb4.jpg

Hotel 1926 just opposite the road! Main issue to dine here is hard to look for parking during lunch hour. :-( You have to figure out yourself already but parking never stops you from having good food right? Hehe..

 photo IMG_9536_zps734d09fe.jpg

Irrawaddy Fine Foods open from 10am to 4.30pm whereas night time it will operate as That Little Wine Bar. Their dinner nice as well. You can celebrate your Valentine's or birthday dinner here cz they have candle light setting so is very romantic la! guys take note har..don't say I didn't tell you..another restaurant to dine in during big days! Hehe..

Call for reservation
Irrawaddy Fine Foods
54 Jalan Chow Thye,
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 04-226 8182
Business hour: 10am to 4.30pm
Closed on Sunday
* No government tax and service charges

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