Thursday, April 11, 2013

Love love love for 30K!

Hey guys, I checked out my blog and realized I've achieved 30K views!

Thanks a lot for your support all these days!

I am glad that I've made it to 30K since last September, it has been 7 months old for this blog! ^^

I know 30K may be a small number to some of you but I am more than grateful for it.

I am not somebody who are pretty, fashionista, someone who portray themselves as a rich girl or what so ever..I am just an ordinary person who have been so passionate about her own blogging interest.

That is why I feel grateful that even I am not somebody but you are still with me. *kamsahapnida* *bow 90 degrees to you* haha..

Coincidentally, you just clicked my blog link while it showed up on your Facebook wall, or you are one of google search engines passer by looking for restaurant reviews, or my loyal readers! Despite which one are you belongs to, I feel thankful for that.

Generally, don't ever think that through blogging one's can earn anything extra in return, in fact it is not. I don't earn anything throughout this seven months, what drives me keep blogging is solely my passion.

I urge myself to update my blog at least twice a week even though I am busy with my assignments and outings, *kekeke* I usually draft it for at least 2 to 3 hours for food post, travel post before I published.

Yea I know is time consuming cz my English is poor so I have to spend extra time thinking of what is the proper word to use *poor vocabs la*. As I knew many people are interested about food post so I couldn't just simply published it for the sake of update and to gain traffic. It isn't the right way and there are many avid readers nowadays so we must be extra cautious when delivering.

And I don't believed one's couldn't spare only a few hours on a post apart from your tight schedule unless you have nothing to share with your readers. Hehe..sometimes outings can be one of your inspirations though! ^^

I always think that I am not somebody, seriously..*super common those type* so I always feel blessed and grateful from all the support from you guys! It motivates me to keep moving although I can't figure out whether you like my blog or not. :p

I am looking forward to my life in the future and I believed it will be a more interesting one so I hope you can stay in the same track with me along the what I've mentioned in my tweet "I will regards humility as a virtue!"

Thanks for everything! Red Red  For You!

 photo IMG_0766_zps4cbf7ad8.jpg
Thanks guys! Greetings from Mr. Yeap and I! *no filter* Hehe..

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