Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sometimes a very simple thing made my day.

Chilling at cafe drinking a cup of hot chocolate while doing my assignment. Is a bless.

Having very committed group members who being helpful in completing our assignment. Is a bless. Even if we didn't score well but we know we have did our best.

Have friends gathering randomly. Is a bless. 

Having family members who care about you so much. Is a bless.

Knowing that you have your loved one to back you up everytime when you need him. Is a bless.

Knowing there will definitely be a girl friend for you when you need their advice. Is a bless.

 photo IMG_1064_zpsb6f44bcb.jpg

If you think you are one of them that I am mentioning above then I am grateful to have you around in my life. 

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