Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A'more di merrier At Italiannies Gurney Paragon

Was looking for some nice place to catch up with the girls, have no idea where to choose already, although people always say Penang has lots of good food but I really run out of ideas on any new places for gatherings or dinner at this moment. Anyone has any good recommendations? Lol..mind to share with me? 

I knew many cafes and restaurants in Penang but I don't really intend to try them all unless it is highly rated or recommendation by friends.  
So, last week as usual girl friends was asking me where to eat..lol..thinking of going to Sushi Zento or Italiannies Paragon. Heard that food in Italiannies KL was nice so we have made up our mind to go for Italiannies. Anyway it was a pleasant experience dining here. 

First you will be served with french toast dipped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Those Italian style starter..lol! Is my first time trying it, not bad actually. Mei Xun keep adding the vinegar cz she claimed that the vinegar tasted too mild. Lol..

 photo IMG_9594_zpsf2514cf3.jpg

Chicken Milanese *Signature*
RM24.90 Piccolo | Regular RM32.90 | Abbondanza RM48.90
Grilled chicken breast served over cream spinach, then topped with chilled tomato caper relish.

This is the Piccolo size for a person's serving, if you intend to share with others then is better for you to order regular for two person servings! Mei Xun loves her meal but to me it was an above average. :-)

 photo IMG_9597_zps99c9a2db.jpg

Seafood Risotto *Signature*
Regular RM36.90
A medley of seafood sauteed in white wine, with Arborio rice simmered in mussels and clam broth.

Oh my god, I mad love this! I never try Risotto from other Italian restaurants but this is really my favourite so far. The risotto fully absorbed the white wine so every mouthful is heavenly flavoursome! Clam juice adds a rich seafood taste to the cooking broth and the seafood itself releases liquids when cooked that are absorbed into the rice finishing the dish with a deep flavour. Awesome la..I liked it! Will go back again for sure just for the Seafood Risotto! Lol..Superb!

 photo IMG_9608_zps697d230b.jpg

See how huge difference is the portion comparing both of us! Lol..The Seafood Risotto is mine and the right one belongs to Mei Xun. That's the reason why you see different figure of us! Lol..I have no choice cz mine has only one type of serving!

 photo IMG_9604_zps967dcf08.jpg

Spaghetti and Meatballs *Signature*
Piccolo RM22.90 | Regular RM36.90 | Abbondanza RM59.90
Italiannies famous huge homemade beef meatballs, served with spaghetti in our signature marinara sauce. 

Cheng ordered chicken that is why you don't see meatballs here so I can't share with you how it taste. Anyway, this is a piccolo size but serving is huge. The perfectly cooked pasta is firm but not hard with a slight bite. Anyone who had tried their homemade meatballs before is most welcome to share your experience with us in the comment box! We would like to know how it taste! ^^ 

 photo IMG_9610_zps5d16fe0b.jpg

There goes our catch up session plus dinner in Italiannies Paragon! Full Menu is available at Italiannies website

Overall it was a pleasant experience and we don't manage to try their pizza as we can't finish them all! I will certainly go back again!

It was unexpected to see the restaurant is nearly full during Friday night cz usually I don't see people in there when I passed by. Lol..So, to secure a best spot, I would advise you to make a reservation for an enjoyable dining!

Another place that I would recommend for nice pasta would be from Bella Italia..most of the Penangites know that, if you crave for pasta, go for Bella Italia! Lol..*sounds like their tagline*

Camwhore outside the restaurant before we leave! Mei Xun and I!

 photo IMG_9617_zpsf92021a0.jpg

Cheng and Mei Xun!

 photo IMG_9618_zpsc721eee3.jpg

 photo IMG_9621_zps619160ff.jpg

My long lost friend since Form 6! Sit next to each other for two years in secondary school! Nice to meet you again after 5 years! Keep in touch! 

 photo IMG_9624_zps20cc8c3d.jpg

Call for reservation 
Italiannies Gurney Paragon Mall
Lot 1-31, Ground Floor,
Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Contact: 04-228 9761
Business Hour: 11am to 11pm
Italiannies Facebook Page

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