Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Short One

Alright, I know it has been a week I didn't update my blog!

Still pending with many backdated posts yet unwilling to update them.

Had been busy with outings for the whole week, feeling like settle down this week, hopefully no last minute outings again till this weekend!!

Glad that he is able to make it back to Penang on my short sem break! Requested for some pak tor moment with him. We have never watch movie together for some time already but I'm not interested to the movies showing lately. =="

Initially wanted to update my blog on last Thursday but last minute gathering called in. Mien came back to Penang and intend to meet up before she is leaving for Japan. Aww..so sad to see friends leaving..It always makes me feel awful. I don't like seeing people leaving..:-(

Dinner at Daorae last Thursday!

 photo IMG_0376_zpsdf9dd2c6.jpg
Miss you girls! 

 photo IMG_0379_zps70d0b5b5.jpg

 photo IMG_0385_zps73dd13b5.jpg
Ohh..this is yummy!

 photo IMG_0387_zpsb5911d76.jpg
Mien and I! Miss you so much! Hope to see you in Japan! 

Anyway, we have a fun night staying up late in Kar Mun's place and baking the so-called chocolate cake by Joe Yin! We don't have any baking equipment like weight machine, therefore we just simply mix it up! Lol..

 photo IMG_0393_zps0d33e8cc.jpg

After we have done with all the stirring and mixing, baking time! BUT we found out that the oven is not working!! >< Hence, it turns out to bake with microwave..haha! And tadaa...here it is!

 photo IMG_0395_zps0d5b4a05.jpg
like chocolate mousse cake nia! Lol..

You say la they cute or not! Haha..I am so blessed to have them around! We just making so much fun and this Joe Yin super love teasing me one! Alright..I admit la..my antenna really short, always don't catch what they are saying...>< perhaps generation gaps la..opps!

 photo IMG_0397_zps834efb41.jpg

 photo IMG_0401_zpsf525d182.jpg
With KarMun! We can't finish talking one..haha!

Louis came back on Friday! He called to have lunch together..ok lo..travel all the way back to USM again to meet him..bo bian..he come back once a while only..if I can't make it then don't know when will be the next time meeting him already!

And again..this Louis always tease me as well..what I said, he also shoot back..把我的痛苦建立在他的快乐之上! T.T Gai not...

Later on, Mien suggest to take purikura together! I never take this kind of photos since secondary! I thought this photo booth has extinct in Penang cz the last one that I've seen in Queensbay has closed down!

Have so much fun taking purikura with them! They edited the photos so fast and pro lo..I have no idea how to edit it..they said have to spend money to learn one! Lol..

 photo IMG_0414_zpsed62e14b.jpg
Can you see Jovan super charming eyes?! Haha..we didn't edit their eyes lo, it turns out naturally!

Some of the exclusive pictures in the photo booth! Haha..all these spoiled market one! So I said is exclusive ma! Anyway I love them all..^^

 photo IMG_0417_zps0d837a64.jpg  photo IMG_0419_zpsf2a391f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0420_zps7b39ab13.jpg



  1. You look so beautiful! And this food looks so tasty! : )

    1. Thanks! Indeed the Korean food is good! ^^