Friday, April 5, 2013

Road Trip to Burps & Giggles Ipoh

Hi all, 

Today we will be away from Penang and visit to the British colonial city of Ipoh!

I've been to Ipoh for quite some time but this is my first time visiting this place! A cafe which is somehow quite similar to the concept that we have in Penang. It is the type of usual heritage house styled cafe which have lots of detail drawings on the wall, artwork, handicraft and a lot more!

They have three separate sections which is connected hence you can sit whichever sections that you prefer cz three of them are in fact different type of interior. I will talk less in this post cz the pictures speaks it all. :-)

Show you the preview of this cafe before I share with you where is this..:p


I doubt can the worker recognizes all the switches? Lol..and look at the DIY hanger for umbrella! Creative isn't it?


Aww..this looks super cute!



Opps! Mural art look-alike in Georgetown! 
p/s Kids don't so "hamsap"..haha! 


Tadaa! The place that I went! 
Burps & Giggles
Knew this place long ago but never thought that I would be visit here one day. Lol..


The menu is everywhere..even a small pink notes written OYSTER is selling here! 


Take note that the seats in the cafe is very limited, just be prepared you may have to wait to be seated. 


Outside of the washroom if I am not wrong! Lol..I think seriously if you fart in the toilet, outside may hear it! is just next to the bricks wall! 



The back-alley of Burps and Giggles! People chilling here! 




Burgers burgers calling in! 


Sweet Crepes
Fresh Strawberries, Hibiscus Curd and Vanilla Ice Cream RM13
The crepe is quite crispy and it stuffed with fresh strawberries so it tasted a bit sour. In fact, due to the sweetness of vanilla ice cream, it turns out to be very savoury. I personally quite favour with their crepes. 


Earl Grey Tea
Photo without tea is serving. Lol..I realized it when I'm editing the photo! 


The other section of Burps & Giggles!




I'm so in love with their little yellow chicken! 



The ceiling lamp settings! Although the shop looks kinda old fashioned but you can feel the coziness when there are not much people around. :-)

IMG_9418 IMG_9429

Bagel is selling here too! 


Glad that we make it here for our Kampar trip!


We search Burps & Giggles in GPS and we managed to reach here so I think it shouldn't be a problem for you in looking for the place! Here to show you some landmarks along the street.



Ja-jjang! Why Hui Ping and Ching posing the same style! Lol...I think they don't realized it!
Love you girls! 


They have two other restaurants in Ipoh as well and perhaps managing under the same owner? Not so sure. Indulgence gives you the fine dining experience and living.
Allegra is one-stop-joint selling gourmet snacks, fresh products and retail wines.
Burps and Giggles a chic and quirky type of cafe.
Three of them giving you a total new experience that you can ever get.
Visit them if you want! :-)


p/s Something that I don't really like about the cafe. When the cafe is full house and customers are waiting, the servers not even bother to greet you at all or showing their courtesy to their customers. In fact, they are just engaging with their work. This is not a proper manner working in a service industry. I guess some of the customers experiencing it as well and disappointed towards their poor service. If you really love this place, then would strongly encourage you to avoid dine in during peak hour.

Last but not least, not forgot to mention, Jian Thyn remind me of this place again! Visit to his blog! ^^

Call for reservation
Burps and Giggles
Address: 93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf 30000 Ipoh Perak. 
Contact: 05-242 6188
Business Hour: Wednesday to Monday 8.30am to 7.15pm 
Closed on Tuesday
Burps & Giggles Facebook Page
Indulgence Website


  1. It's really a nice cafe.. I like the old stuffs they got for decoration.. :-)

    1. Yup! ^^ by the way thanks for the follow!