Sunday, April 28, 2013

Awful week is over

Aloha I am back with a random post! *smile*

I spent a pleasant and happy weekend because I rest a lot! Lol..but still have marketing plan to submit next week..people start worrying about it in fact I can still honeymoon now..that means the day before which is coming Thursday the fire will be burning my ass already..or may be I am confident to my group la..hmmm..Lol..*thick skin*

Besides, the loved one will be back on Friday to vote. Hopefully he manages to grab himself a bus ticket..haha..well..everyone is going back hometown to vote right..I assume! Which one am I going to vote?

Bird tells it all! Muahahaha...*evil grin*

Love you!

Something big is going to happen in Malaysia! Opps..Will be a happening your part to be the big boss now! 

By the way, back to the topic isn't about the GE13..if I really want to write I think I can write the whole full page..haha! XD

Those who follow me on Instagram should know I updated my Insta a lot in these two days! Haha..Shopping alone in Gurney after 3 assignments submitted on Friday! Yeah..3 down but a few more to go..and soon I will be going on a vacation..wah super anticipate about that! Will blog about it soon where am I going..Hehe!

 photo IMG_1129_zpsf8afc811.jpg
Cheese baked rice for my dinner on Friday! Always love this from KimGary!

Bought a book as well from MPH to spend my BR1M vouchers! Still left RM100 but I have decided what to buy with RM50..the book is in Kinokuniya..waiting for me to collect! Woohoo.."I am coming to you my book, no worries.." *talking to the book* delivered all the way from Hong Kong lo..Thanks Kinokuniya for your super efficient service! I love you!

 photo IMG_1132_zps40264ab7.jpg
Those books that I choose makes me feel like I am an entrepreneur! Lol..

 photo IMG_1233_zps9927db99.jpg
But end up buying this! Lol..

Next time if any of you want to order books from overseas..feel free to call Kinokuniya, they may help you to send the book here if they dealing with the publishers instead of you buying online! Cz I realized international shipping is expensive! I asked Popular, they didn't stock from that publisher..Booooo~

Then yesterday "nua" the whole day at home..Ahh..I remember what I did yesterday...was online shopping! Ended up buying nothing..hahahaha..and decided not to buy clothes from online boutique already cz those clothes selling almost the same price like retail so no point buying online.

Furthermore, you don't get to try them I rather not to take the risk. Yea I agree shopping online is suitable for those who are busy, not able and no time for retail shopping..but I have extra time rather buy from retail! Even it is selling a little bit more expensive also worth of it cz I get to see the material and try it on! ^^

 photo IMG_1154_zpsac21dc75.jpg
Mask on Friday night! Hope I don't scare you away! beauty diary mask! 

Alright then this morning went to hiking with the girls..aiyo..sorry no photos of ugly so no one mentioning about taking group took pictures of our food only..Haha! Saja go hiking cz long time didn't meet them already and the past one week was busy with assignments so wish to get some refreshing air..ahhhh....

Then off to The Mugshot again for their yummylicious yogurt! It tasted so good RM10 each..however is nice so is worth it la! *wink* 

 photo IMG_1190_zps864c0137.jpg

Kuantan Road curry mee and Joez coconut shake the next stop! Yoohoo..the coconut shake is nice..loving it! Will drop by some time again to ta pao! Hehe..RM3.80 each! We ordered less sweet cz others review saying is too sweet..

 photo IMG_1194_zpse51039c5.jpg

End with a vain photo of myself! Haha..sorry you read this post then you are force to see this..just two filters *edit the colour only lo* and it makes me look so pretty! *Beh paiseh* Hahahaha...So never believed girls' photos from the Internet! Lol..

 photo IMG_1196_zps5cdbf1b6.jpg

Chaoz...and remember to VOTE! #GE13! 

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