Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't Leave Me

Nothing much to update about my super normal simple ordinary life!

I didn't visit to any newly open restaurant to try out food so can't update any reviews for you guys. Lol..

But this Thursday going out with friends gonna try something new, perhaps after that could do some food reviews already. Long time didn't update about food review. Find no companion to go with me la..but now I found kaki to go with me already. Haha..happy happy!

Last Sunday went out with the kids..had so much fun with them! So cute those little cutie!

I will have a short getaway this weekend..I am looking forward and actually quite excited over it! Somewhere that I've never been to before..LOL! You will be shocked when I update my blog and realized I have never been to that place. Haha...

Yesterday Darling went to watch Life of Pi 3D Nuffnang movie premier. I can't go so I lent it to him. Raining so heavily and he still drive so far to One Utama to attend for that premier, felt so touched cz he don't want my effort to be wasted! Thanks sweetheart!

He said the movie is nice and I bet with the 3D effect and everything it is even better! I read other's review also said it is superb movie with the story and 3D! So watch in 3D instead of the normal screening! Go go watch! Lol...

My upcoming-must-watch movie will be Wreck-It-Ralph! the review saying it is an amazing movie..sometimes watch animation movie can seriously make you happier! Hehe..trailer here you go!

Watched Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two and Cold War already! Both are also awesome one! I am not a Twilight fans but I watched the last Twilight series in was not bad though! I don't usually like Twilight cz to me it is like Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart romance story only...==" But the Twilight breaking dawn is nice! Should go watch!

Don't forget about Cold War as well! Thumbs up! I love Andy Lau! Lol..Aaron Kwok too!

Actually last week I had Baskin Robbins passes to their event as well in Publika but end up I can't go again! Why am I studying in Penang huh? If I am in KL I can go anytime..>< If I went then I can take photos for you and see how the event looks like..XD and take photos with all the pretty bloggers! Lol..

A photo of me wearing formal during presentation..long time didn't wear formal..and I don't really like it! :-(

Darling said I look different from the formal and casual from Instagram! :-)

Btw, I try not to make my blog too all food review and sponsor post like that..I am still myself who love to crap about my story and I hope you won't feel that I am too bored! Hehe..I love all of you who like my posts and visit to my blog regularly! Appreciate seriously my motivation! Next week will have interesting updates already! Haha..don't leave me! 

Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Focus on the pretty hair

Aloha Happy Saturday Night!

Today is hair tutorial time! Excited? Hehe..Girls look prettier when their hair is nicely braid or tied up nicely! Don't you agree with me, guys? Lolol..They like to look at pretty girls one la.. I am to show you two hair styles that I have tried on myself which means you will be able to learn and braid on your own without help from others as well..perhaps you need some talent too! Lol..but is ok..I believed practice makes perfect! :p

I consider for quite a long time whether to make a hair tutorial video by myself or not. Then after that decided not to do so because there are many existing hair tutorial video in Youtube. I can just pick some of the hair tutorials that I have learnt to upload in my blog. *credits to those pretty girls* Thanks for it! 

I understand that is not good to use others video in my own blog, it shows that I don't have the sincerity to do so..BUT..I am not a professional hair tutorial I am afraid even though I record myself, you all also don't understand what I am doing or saying. LOL..

Working on hair tutorial video is very difficult. You have to speak and braid at the same time, angle problem because sometimes you have to tie at the back so you are required to record from the back..>< Seriously very super hard T.T and I am not pro enough to demonstrate a nice hair tutorial yet. Sorry peeps! *Sincerely apologize*

Many SIFU in Youtube who got like million over views I will pick a few on them, learn by myself then show you the result that I tied on my own with the video uploaded here you can learn it at the same time! ^^

Waterball French Braid
Beginner Level
Difficulties: **

My first hair style that I posted in Facebook! I learnt it from this video clip! :) Sifu is here! I don't have this kind of skill to record video and talk at the same time la! Lol..Click into it to have this pretty hair! 

My super ugly first attempt! It don't usually turn out nicely when the first time I braid them! This is front camera photo just to snap and see how my hair looks like...LOL! *horrible*

Tadaa! I succeed on the second attempt! This is what you know..TALENT!! Lol...I woke my brother up to help me snap this photo..Haha! *bad sis again*

Half Dutch Braid Headband
Advance Level
Difficulties: ****

The one that I uploaded today in Facebook! This hair style is nice but advance level already if to tie it by yourself cz you have to tilt your head to braid it reversely! Chim hor..I felt so..but is ok, click to watch this video then you will know what I am saying. Lol...

Sifu is also here..sorry for adopting other's video..:-( I just feel like learning them and show to you girls! :-)

First attempt! Tied with fringe first, cz I still need to learn how to braid. *My super high forehead*
I really worry about hair loss problem..T.T *without eye brow* Lol..

The results that I tied on my hair..SUCCEED!! This is talent! filter = original photo!
Ya I have pimples on my face. >< Room is yellow light that is why so yellow! Lol..
*with eye brow, ready for dinner*

I have a tip here. In case your fringe is so long like mine, it is advisable to use a elastic band so called rubber band to tied your fringe first, after you done then you take them off! ^^

Last hint, I don't usually look at the mirror when I tie my hair, I usually feel it...feel by touching it! ^^ That's why I can tied on my own...:-)

Pretty or not la you say this hair!
*Focus on the hair..not me!* Lol...

Tried it by yourself girls! You need to be pretty all the time when you go out..especially with your loved one! Tutorial is here for you so what are you hesitate for?! 

Learn it and dress up confidently! My hair so little also can braid, so do you! 
世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。*Everyone can be pretty unless you are lazy* *lousy translation* LOL!
You are the one who decide whether to be pretty or not! Stay pretty girls!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Emotional Lately

I have neglected my blog for some time. I knew that. 

I have being emotional in the past one week. Rushing for assignments and tests due to my procrastination. Everyone did so right? I know I am not the only one..LOL!

I have no idea what I have done in this week. None of any exciting events. I did hang out with friends but just some normal catching up session.

Initially I have some plans going on in this weekend but the opportunity has just gone. Should I tell myself not to be so optimistic already? I have so many thoughts running through my mind in these few days. Even when I am driving. So many things bothering me.

I found out nothing can make me happy in these few days. Initially I am happy when I received a damn good news few days before, but everything has just turned down like that. No one to blame to. 

If girls are not happy they are not in the mood to do everything. Complicated huh? Actually not really. Don't think that girls are complicated "creatures". Although I understand sometimes girls can be happy easily but in the next second they can be emotional right away. Lol..

Having cakes or dessert can make girls feel happier.
Russian Cheese Cake from Red Garden

Suddenly..wanted to have a getaway on my own. Knowing new people with beautiful smile from different places is the happiness that you can't buy with money. Not to mention, you must have money as well to travel alone. Lol..

Do you agree with me to have a short getaway? :-)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Simply Delicious with de Love

The longest period I left my blog so far. My one week break is coming to an end already..I don't know how I spent my holiday..but I can tell you I don't think I have done anything productive throughout the goodness! Only one week which occupied with assignments and tests doesn't feels good. :-(

Anyway I'm back, don't talk about the awful thing. Lol! 

Some of you might think why my birthday didn't see me with my birthday cake. Here you go about my birthday cake! I have posted my birthday high tea and the romantic birthday dinner earlier ago. Such an unforgettable lovely birthday dinner with him! Thanks again Dear..<3

Tadaa!! The birthday cake from Summer Garden! I always love their homemade so yummy delicious! The box is nicely design huh? :) I love it...

Haha...the birthday girl..just about to update my birthday cake post..sorry for the late update!

My DURIAN birthday cake ordered by Dear! So funny right..having durian birthday cake..Lol! Tell you what..I always go for delicious cake rather than those nicely decorated one. We have surveyed the customized cake but it is so expensive, everything is like over RM200 so we decided not going for that since we have spend quite a lot on the birthday dinner. 

Anyhow the decision is with him. Finally he decided to order from Summer Garden because he knew I love their cakes. Few years ago, he ordered chocolate mousse *something like that, I forgot the name* from Summer Garden as well as my birthday cake..last year was crepe cake, then this year he don't know what to buy up order their durian mousse cake! Hehe..*I don't like cupcakes anyway*

Although a simple one but I like it! The durian filling is very thick so is extremely heavy. they boh kiam siap so put a lot of ingredients. Haha..

Photo with brother and darling! The cake big hor..EXACTLY...and it is heavy! 

The only family photo. :-) 

I reach home quite late so everyone is in their sleeping attire and sleepy face especially sister. I purposely went to her room wake her up for photo! LOL..*evil sis*

This is the photo for those who haven't been to Summer Garden before. It is located at Tanjung Bungah.

Their cakes are always so tempting!

The interior..warm and cosy! Non smoking area of the restaurant.

This is the smoking area of the restaurant. Plenty choices for the cake. They offered birthday cake orders as well. Just called in and email the person in charge then he will send you an email with the list of all the cakes provided then you can custom made according to your preferences.

Click here for the map location!

Enjoy your dining at Summer Garden Food & Bistro!

Call for reservation
Summer Garden Food & Bistro
No. 2, Lorong Lembah Permai 3,
Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Pulau Pinang
Contact: 604-8900977

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pampered your hair with Panasonic Nanocare EH-NA30 Hairdryer

First of all, Happy Deepavali to all my friends and Malaysia, Happy Holiday to you too! Enjoying huh? :)

Finally the long awaiting Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer post is UP! I am so first attempt on doing a video tutorial.

I bought this Panasonic Nanocare Hairdryer a month ago, but I have no time to do the review, so leave it till the holiday! Lol..Pink color hairdryer is my choice! *Anyway pink is not my favourite color* Cz they have two choices only so I rather go for pink instead of the ordinary white.

They have white and pink colour only so I chose pink for myself. They provide two types of nozzles, as shown in the picture below is the healthy quick drying nozzle, photo above is the styling nozzle. I usually use the styling one. :) Easier for blowing hair with round brush. 

Two types of airflow to choose from: 
2: Dry (Strong airflow)
1: Set (Gentle airflow)
0: Off

Temperature selector:
Top: Hot (Hot air)
Middle: Healthy (Warm air)
Bottom: Cool (Cool air)

The speciality of this hair dryer is the nanocare function and this is also the reason why I bought this hairdryer! Lol..fall in love when the first time I've seen it. I will explain to you how this nanocare works!

What is nanoe?
Nanoe is charged fine water particles, generated by applying high voltage in order to split water. Its diameter is smaller than 1/100 of steam, and it cannot be seen with the naked eye. It draws moisture from the air to produce nano-sized moisture icons that will infiltrate hair better. 
That is why they said it can moisturised your hair and prevent breakage by using this!

How nanoe works?
Generally hair has properties which make it easy to become positively charged with electricity. These properties attract strongly negatively charged nanoe which penetrates the hair with moisture. Furthermore, they make the hair slightly acidic, tighten cuticles and keep your hair strong, elastic and healthy. It also help reduce static electricity on hair. No more tangled hair already! 
It also reduces excess sebum on our hair scalp.
What is hair sebum? *Google time*
It is a coating of natural oil that protects the hair and makes it shinier. Sebum is odorless, but its bacterial breakdown can produce odors. Sebum is the cause of some people experiencing "oily" hair.

It can be folded as well, so not to worry about the bulky size of your hairdryer! Bring it along when you go travel la..Attentive huh the designer! Haha..

My first attempt on video tutorial.
Ugly me without eye brow and naked face to show people. ><
I felt that the video is not really clear and advisable to watch it in 480p.
Faced so many problems when editing and uploading this video, bare with me for the first try ya! Lol..


Thanks for finish it! was it?

Here are some of the clearer shots to show you my hair condition. :)
See, my glossy and healthy hair. Not much flyaway hairs anymore! Hehe..You will realized there are less tangled hair so your hair will not break off easily when your are blowing them. 
*this picture is ruined by my faded hair color* ><

Smooth or not on the left side of my hair. Lolol....the result is so just came back from saloon. LOL!

One more thing to take note in this picture, I did not apply any hair cream or oil before I blow my hair, so if I apply them, the result will be even better. I want to show you the true result that is why I didn't apply anything here. :)

The most important thing is how much is this hairdryer! Lol..retailing at RM239.90. I personally think that it is worthy cz it is for our own sake to achieve the better and healthy hair scalp. You can't achieve them from the normal hairdryer and those hairdryer will damaged your hair causing split-ends! This hairdryer not only moisturized your hair and it also protects your hair cuticles!

So good..faster go buy one and share it among your family members! Haha..and hairdryer can use it for a very long period so is still worth it! :)

I knew that Sharp is also introducing similar products with Plasmacluster Ion Technology, but it is selling at RM599! To me, this is TOO expensive la...:-( So I go for this!

Visit Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment for more beauty products. Very tempting right..haha! I also can't resist on their pore cleaner, anyone want to sponsor me? Lol!

I hope you enjoy reading this post. Putting so much effort on doing it..since is my first trial! I hope you like it and pampered yourself with better products ba! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Reasons Why I Blog

A very random this time (12 something at the midnight) I should be sleeping but suddenly have the urge to wake up to write!

Today is something personal. No longer food or travel post! Lol..

I read a quote just now and I like it very much. Do what you love and you'd love what you do. First thought that comes across my mind is my blog.

Some of my friends doubt how come I am so into blogging lately..they asked "Guen, how come you blog a lot lately?" I said ya then I didn't explain further because I understand people may not be interested to know the reason behind it so I don't want to buzz them.

Then I realized tonight is a good time to share it with people. Lol..May be no one's interested! Haha..

I used to be very busy with my studies and activities in the past two years in university. Always skip class to prepare for events and meetings. Reminiscing old time by looking at the below pictures. :-( Such a happening study life! 

But this year I have stop all and focus on my studies, exercise to reduce weight and blogging. That's it!

Why I blog? year before I don't even know what is blog, bloggers and so on. My roommate always kill time by reading blogs and I wonder what makes her so into blogging. Blog is never a common trend back then in secondary school so I have no idea what is it about.

Story begins when I first own my iPhone during Chinese New Year, which was like ten months ago. I registered myself a Twitter and Instagram account. Trust me! I don't even know what's Instagram in last October. Lol..*many people using it already* Drastic changes huh..haha!

I know about bloggers out of no where. The first blogger that makes me have the urge to start my own blog is fourfeetnine, Audrey. After that, I realized there are so many things to learn from blogging. You tend to be more alert to the latest trend and is always up to date. So I decided to kick start with a new blog address! *Previously owned one but stop using it, that one remain private*

It took me such a long time to think of a proper blog address, wanted to have something different. Thinking whether to publicize it or not. How to design my layout. Things like that. Cz you know I am a newbie so all these need some time to learn! Lol..I am totally new and no idea about all the HTMLs..

So it ended up looks like this! *I mean the layout*

Everything settled down! Okay, what's next? 

What is the purpose of this blog..a lifestyle blog, food blog, fashion blog..bla bla bla..I know I am unqualified for all that I've listed above so I will just share about my life!

After two and a half months..........*this blog has been established only two and a half months, but it seems long*

I realized I have gained a lot from it! Don''t ever tell blogging is a waste of time or want to show off about what we have..Is not as easy as how you thought..especially when you share about food reviews, you need to be responsible for your words.

Improve my writing skills. When I read other's blog and I come across words that I don't understand, I will search for the meaning! 

I am very detail in each and every post in my blog. The pictures and words..I will stand on my reader's point of view when I share about my personal comment. For instance, when I visit to other's blog, I wish to see large and clear pictures, detail descriptions, informative and hopefully I can find detail info from a review instead of referring other's blog again. 

That is why some may think that I share about prices, contact and map for food review as if I received a sponsor post or invited review. Actually I am not. I just hope that my readers found all the info needed in a post.

On top of that, when it comes to food review, I have to google some adjectives to describe about the flavour, presentation and all since my English is poor compared to full time food blogger.

One of my reference.

Some may think that I'm still new that is why I'm so passionate about it. I'm trying my very best to improve and even thought of making a video tutorial. It takes time to learn but at least I know I give 100% sincerity in my blog.

Blogging is never easy. You have to take the restaurant interior pictures so customers literally looking at you thinking what the hell is this people taking pictures everywhere..

Then filter themedit picturesupload (takes time when the line is slow), and WRITE! Draft blog post needs the longest time! Sometimes it may take up to two to three hours! Finish a post takes you less than 15 minutes but write a post as a beginner needed a few hours if I want to publish a very detailed posting! :)

I don't know how it turns up in the future. I never thought to be famous or what. I am a ordinary girl who like to share and I am doing what I love! You know...those are call satisfaction! Is like a self accomplishment when people read and like my post! This worth MORE THAN ANYTHING!

I hope I can keep up my passion till I grow! As long as there are still traffic remain in this blog and people loves it, I will not to stop blogging. :) I am so happy that I share this with you!

Never wanted to imitate anyone out there. I am who I am. Thanks for your visits!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blast birthday dinner at Spice Market Cafe, Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

I should talk less in this post..the main character of today post is the FOOD! 

We went to celebrate our birthday dinner at Rasa Sayang. We celebrated separately last year but this year we have decided to eat something good in one sort rather than go separately! Then Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe is our choice! Since it is 6 stars hotel so we think it is the best one! Lol...

4 of us going and Ah Jo is not with us..sad!

And the most important thing is they are having promotion!! I didn't know about that until I called up for reservation! 20% disc for Citibank, CIMB, UOB, Standard Chartered and Maybank Infinite credit cardholders. I am not so sure about the Maybank one. You can call to confirm with them! ^^

We go for Seafood Buffet Dinner on Saturday night. Original price was RM148++. Anyway we have made a smart choice! But we feel so upset that we can't eat much! We are so regret! :-(

Ok I shall stop talking and show you the picture already! Lol... 

The interior

Toppings for Ice kacang

Marshmallow with chocolate fondue

 Cake Section

Ice cream ice cream! 

I love the jackfruit so much!

This looks adorable but trust me your stomach can't fill in any of these after you have taken so much food! :-(

Halloween decoration!

Salad bar


Variety of cold cuts

Wah when I see this I really beh tong! Even now seeing it I also feel like grabbing one! Is in sweet and sour sauce..ahhh! I want them now! ><

Beef and another one is salmon

Cheese Baked Macaroni

I love this as well! Is full of seafood with CHEESE! ^^

Sushi Bar

Gulp! Their Indian food really super nice!

Especially the butter chicken in the pot! My god..I can just go back for this! Is heavenly awesome! Lol..The chicken is so so extremely tender! I don't think I can find them in any Penang Indian restaurant! And don't forget their kambing satay too! Awesome!!

Lobster lobster! Mini one..haha!

 Makan makan time! We knew the chef there and he serves us the sashimi, oyster and the butter chicken!

These oysters was chosen by him! All big big and juicy one! No more big one left in the basket after he picked for us! Lol..XD Thanks chef!

This is the butter chicken that I mentioned! You dip the Garlic Cheese Naan with the butter chicken kuah..your eyes will *Blink Blink*! It is too nice..until I don't know how to describe already! XD Not to forget the Garlic Cheese Naan that was specially made by them upon request from the Chef!

Super satisfied with my FOOD!! :-)

The Lamb!! I am so regret I took one only! I want to go back again..can I??

乌鸡汤!"Black Chicken Soup" I should say..I don't know..but it is so nice! Sheau Jeng one person can finish two! All of us also said of the guests also tell us must take this! Lol..

I am not that fat okay! *Sob..* I don't know why this picture makes me look so fat! Angle problem angle problem! Lol..

Mini lobster with tomyam!

Yvette! Visit her blog! She was my ex-roomie!

All holiao in my plate! Muahahahaha...

See I eat so little! Don't you think so? Fruit time already! :-(

I like this too..add with some ice! Bubur jagung which placed beside the ice kacang topping!

Cakes! We can't finish them all..:-(

Camho time in the toilet! Lol..We are chit chatting in the toilet, stay there for too long! People went to the toilet in and out..looking at us why so weird talking there! Paiseh har! XD

I seldom take picture in the toilet but their toilet is seriously too comfy. Make you don't feel like going out!

This is the birthday celebration for four of us! We think that is worthy la! Will visit again in some time! Lol..

By the way, the most important thing is, currently they are having BUY 1 FREE 1 PROMOTION on Monday and Tuesday which is International Buffet Theme! It is RM118 ++! Very worth la wei! Please go..XD *don't ask me to treat you*

But I am not sure whether the food served is still the same or not..but what do you expect, dine in 6 starts hotel and have RM60 something dinner buffet, anyhow I think is still worth it la! Reserve as soon as possible ya! I think this few weeks has fully booked! Lol..not applicable on Public Holiday and Public Holiday Eve! Expired on the 23rd of December faster go!

Call for reservation
Spice Market Cafe
Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa
Batu Feringghi Beach 
11100 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-888 8888
Spice Market Cafe, Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa

Off Topic
My Waterfall Braid! 
Tied on my own! 
Not so tough though?
Want a hair tutorial? Lol..Tell me then! 

Last but not least, Congrats to Barack Obama wins election for second term as United States President