Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tempting and Savory Sarawakian Dish

Something nice to recommend which located nearby to USM..:)
Want to have a quick and light meal for your lunch and bored of having lunch or dinner at Bali-Bali, Ivory Plaza and hostel cafeteria? *I know everyone start getting bored of it..including myself* Lol..

I found this shop with my friend when we are looking around for client to work with us on our Marketing assignment. *is field work la..* then we found this place and saying to each other we will be back someday for lunch..

This shop is located at D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru. I always heard people talking about D'Piazza Mall but I don't know where is it as I am not staying around Bayan Baru area. It is actually somewhere opposite to PISA. They have other restaurant there as well like Blackball and so on but I never tried before..haha!

This huge menu is placing at the wall, apparently they serve 6 types of kolomee ONLY *lol* and a few choices of side dishes. What I like about this place is the portion is quite big for the large one. Satisfied person like me, big eater! Lol..And the instructions above tells you how is the flow of the orders.

Is ok I will tell you now! Haha..

1. Choose which type of Kolomee would you prefer from the menu (on the wall). They serve vegetarian kolomee too. :)

2. Place your order with this computer. They have no servers, all comes in self-service. The first time when I visit, it shocked me as well! Lol..*saves labor cost la, smart choice*

3. This is the details shown. Choose according to the numbering from first till the last step. I always like to go for Char Siew Oil as my kolomee type instead of the normal one. Please be aware that the Char Siew Oil will add on the flavouring to sweeter taste, so if you don't like it then go for the normal one. *very easy steps*

4. After you complete with your order, this paper will be printed. Keep this with you for payment. Collect your food from the kitchen crews when your queue number is shown. 

5. My food! Generous portion of chicken and the noodle is very springy. Another thing is if you can eat chilies, take it with the pickle chilies. It tasted very good! 

Our side orders! Steam Wantan which cost RM3.50. We think is quite salty la..

6. Another best part is the free flow drink @ RM1! Nice bo..Ice lemon Tea and Honey Green Tea to choose from! p.s Barli peng at kopitiam is even more expensive! Lol..Free flow soup as well! ^^

Then enjoy your food la!! After that pay at the counter..recommend it to friends and come again! Haha..

Their business hour, very good leh open everyday!

 The shop outlook! House of Kolomee @ D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru!

This is the map location. You should be turning right into Persiaran Mahsuri if you are coming from PISA direction. :)

I hope you enjoy the food  that I recommend. Have a nice day!

House of Kolomee
D'piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri,
Bandar Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas,
11950 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 016-800 6717
Facebook Page

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