Friday, November 2, 2012

Food hunt at Resort World Genting

Food post again! *I like to eat that is why a lot of food reviews* I know people like reading food reviews, but to me personally, writing a good food review takes time. So you see most of the lifestyle bloggers didn't actually review about food. Only food bloggers does..but me.."chap pa lang" 1! Only hokkien people understand what I mean..*evil laugh* 

Last weekend went to KL with family, not much actually, Friday shopping at One Utama, and I bought nothing then head to IKEA, meatball crave fixed, hehe, read my previous post if you haven't, then back to sleep. *nothing much cz drive to KL spent almost half a day*

Second day breakfast Yong Tau Fu, and fyi there are lots of people cz last weekend was Hari Raya Haji, and I knew the traffic back to KL was damn congested on Sunday! Then shopping for the whole day in Bukit Bintang, bought some from Fahrenheit 88 and H&M..apparently there are lots of people so we did a quick shopping! After that, went to Sungei Wang cz sis was looking for a shop selling korean stuff so we went for a look. Night time we head to Genting! dad actually booked two nights stay in Genting. 

The next day which is Sunday, hunting for food and obviously people know there are nothing much to eat at Genting cz everything is so expensive. We heard they have buffet but the previous time we went, we got no idea where is it. Then we thought of it this time, asking around, and realized it was somewhere near to Highland Resort. Coffee Terrace! It was our brunch though. So we can eat a lot! Lolol...

Papa at the entrance. Uncle behind can't wait to enter already..haha! Actually we start waiting there from 11.40am as well. :p

The price stated clearly at the entrance.

Papa and bro

Bro and Jesline

Sis who always refuse to take picture. ><

The interior

Here you go! There are plenty of food pictures coming up next! 
Get yourself ready! Lol..

The roasted chicken place right in front of the counter. Smart choice leh..when you see the chicken you will certainly beh tahan then straight away pay and go in directly! Haha..

Spotted the chicken ham? The Salad bar got so many vege but I just spotted the ham..cham lo!

Takoyaki! The texture very it!

Sushi bar. It looks nice right? With dry ice some! Strongly advised when you go eat buffet, please don't take sushi, it is rice!

Indian delight! Dad said their lamb and rendang chicken is nice. 
From the left: Darling, mummy, sis and Jesline
Sis taking her chicken and refuse to take picture again. Just kesi kesi smile like that..=="

Dessert lai liao! *Girl's favourite corner* Haha..
Ya you didn't seen it wrongly, the bottom one is macaron cookies. What I mean is macaron without filing! ==" Sweat not? I thought it is macaron when I saw it! Cheh..:-(

Wah lots of Lemon Meringue! I think they looks very cute!
Guys certainly don't understand how I defined ok..girls understand will do! When girls are in the dessert corner, we all react the same regardless of what desserts. Lol..

Rainbow Cake!!!!! *Scream* 
Actually I don't really like how it is too sweet! It just looks the cream on the top makes the cake looks so adorable..haha!

Alright alright, some food picture! I know I crap too much at the dessert corner! Lol..
Beef wrap asparagus..tasted ok..but is kind of raw..

Abalone mushroom! My favourite!

 Dad with the don't-know-what-food. I think is fish..curry type.

Satay!! Local delight corner. The satay tasted really good! I know most of us don't usually try satay when we go for buffet cz the meat sometimes may be quite rough. But this one trust me..tasted really good..especially the kambing one..superb! that is his hand..==" he thought is magic meh!?

Chinese called it 卤味! I don't know what it called in English..something that is very famous in Taiwan..haha!

Coffee or tea? I love their lemon grass green tea! :)

Alright..the blog owner! Only a picture in the entire post..haha! I am so good taking all the picture before I start eating..and this is also to make sure snap all the food pictures before the food gone and when the cakes still looking good! LOL..

Roasted duck...yummyyy! ^^

Wah x100 times!! Lemon Meringue! *LOTSSS*
I just mentioned they look cute and now they bring out the whole tray..haha! For me ah?? :p

Love them or not? Not bad right..buffet at Genting sounds great cz all the food is expensive so have buffet is definitely worth of price! There are still many food but I didn't take them all cz impossible take everything right..haha..still have dim sum, teriyaki chicken, grilled chicken, pumpkin soup, assorted bread, noodles, and so on..We realized that they don't serve seafood for the lunch, dinner perhaps?

Overall the food tasted good! And the servers are quite attentive, they will refill your water and clear your plate once you finish them.

They have breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper! So I think if you got nothing to eat at Genting you can actually pay them a visit! ^^ May be you can go for extra RM8 only, may be you can have! Ask people around where is Coffee Terrace located la..I think most of them will know! :)

Hope you enjoy the food post..will have more food post coming up next!

Again good luck and all the best to all for your assignments and midterm tests! I know everyone is stress...perhaps me too! T.T

Coffee Terrace, Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting official website

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