Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy like hell

A super quick post!
I miss my blog!! 

Has been such a long long time I didn't update my blog! >< *sad*
I miss the time so much typing lots of nonsense stuff and share it with lots of you! Lol..

No la..when I have to write review, it needs time as well..*a lot of  time*
Just came back from a trip with family in the last weekend so I have no time at all to update myself here.
Rushing tons of assignment as I am away from home last week!
Have to study for my exam as well..haven't study at all! Going to study smart already! God bless me..><

Many of you experience exactly the same thing as me..I know! Lol..
Studies seriously getting tougher every semester..T.T *appreciate if you are still in first or second year*

Actually I have a few reviews on new product that I bought, my family trip to KL, some food reviews to post soon! But I have no time to filter all the photos..T.T So stay tuned for them, promise I will update it once I have extra time. Most probably is this weekend! :-) Happy or not..Haha..Anyway I am happy! 

Some photos taken at IKEA! Have fun there..not to forget the meatballs! Lol..

with sister..

 His retarded face..lol..he said he like this corner..

Should take a group picture since mirrors all around..lol! 
The one behind is my cousin..haha..looks creepy huh?! 

Anyway we overnight at Genting and my super-ugly-wake-up face! Lolol...*dare to post it here, keng hor me* Darling is the one who took this picture..wearing his old jacket as well..so damn cold over there! 
*Face bloated* Dare not to enlarge the photos, don't want to scare you off! Lol..

Haha..the pretty one! *Huge differencessss!!* No make up on la..just soft tone edited on the picture! That's it! This called natural beauty! Lol..

So stay tuned for this end of the week post, haven't decide what to write yet..will think about it soon!

Everyone good luck and all the best for your assignment and exams! Have faith in yourself..! ^^
Thanks for sparing some time to read my blog! Lolol..appreciate that!

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