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Delightful and Jolly Experience @ Interaction Day 2012/2013

The day when Interaction Day 2012/2013 started, it shows that I have turn older already! Lol..This is because I am currently pursue my 3rd year degree and all of them who attending are newbies..don't you think when you mix around with them, it shows some generation gaps? LOL...

Even though I can't change the fact but I am happy that I turn up for the event this year! Talked to some people happily although I may not know who they are, but everyone that I approached is very friendly! Nice to meet you..Last year I am the organizer and this year facilitator pula! My first thought was "So old already, how to run with them?" Therefore, I am always the slowest one in my group who reach the station, and the stationers always asked "Where is your facilitator?" I am at the back, still walking!! Lol...

Interaction Day always begin with the performance by first year representatives from Management and Accounting Society. This year they did pretty well compared to my year. *I think* because they have drama and dances in the performance whereas my year is just dance with our own partners! Lol..*shameful nia*

Seniors watching the performance attentively! Which seniors can you spot here? Last year they are the one who performed..LOL!

The group that I facilitate! Group 15! You may doubt why all of them wearing the same top, this is actually the Pimpin Siswa shirt for their batch! Pimpin Siswa is a camp that the newbies have to undergo during their orientation week in USM. :)

Nice view huh? But sky seems dark, it was drizzling in the middle of the event. 

Shu Hui's group! What I felt from this Interaction Day is that all their games seems quite calm, not much of playing waters, flour and get dirty compared to our year. You can see through this picture, they sit 'peacefully' in one of the game and all of them looks very clean huh? Lol..I am so bad..keep hoping people to get wet and dirty! 

I miss my Interaction Day so much when all of us play crazily with the stationers, group members, facilitators and even our lecturer Mr Soh and Mr Quah! So fun thinking of that moment.. 

p.s There are some of the photos during my Interaction Day in the bottom part of this post, scroll down to see how gila we play..LOL! Then you will understand why I said yours is senang..but no offended ya! I am just to share..:)

I don't know why the picture looks so contrast! See, they very senang right? Lol...*enjoying the view*

One of the station which involved with water colours! I kena gao gao in this station cz the stationers tell them they may draw their facilitator face! OMG! After that immediately go to toilet wash it off cz I am afraid after it dried then the colour can't wash off..So I don't have any picture of it with the water colours. It even stained on my shirt, bag, umbrella and hat! T.T 

After the event, with the Project Director, Roy. Thanks a lot for organizing this event successfully. We know you have put a lot of effort on it and we appreciate that. Another person I would like to thanks is Rui Siang who is the game master of the event. I don't managed to take any photo with him cz he left early. He is falling sick during the event yet still show up and do his very best to make sure everything goes well! Kamsia kamsia to both of you! Take care Rui Siang! 

p.s My face let people draw again even after I washed off the earlier one! *Nightmare* 

 Ah Pei, my beloved junior and Jean Ray, my lovely coursemate!

Yi Ze! My direct junior! Really happy to be his direct senior! He is such a nice person! 

See my clothes! Got water colour as well even I have cleaned it..people told me can't wash it off already if it has dried. Fila..! ><

Zi Cong oh Zi Cong! With his chubby face! My shirt really gone already! >< And the RF cap is my birthday gift from Sin Wah, love it! Thanks dear again! 

I am not sure whether next year I am coming or not but I am so pleased that I turned up this year! Love all the organizing committees and participants! 

I don't think many people have the experience like me who had fulfilled the three roles as a participants, organizer and facilitator! Thanks to all for giving me the chance! 

Interaction Day 2010/2011

Your senior Xuxu and Kar Seong..both who did great and outstanding in their activities! 

This is Chong Mun in case you don't know! Lol..see how dirty we used to play last time..*wink*

Found this ugly picture of mine as well..this game required you to apply glue on your face and see how much green beans can stick on your face at a time. It keeps repeating among your team members until time's up! Geli lo when you finish the game and your face is sticky!

I think our seniors dislike us so much...the punishment is so teruk! I don't know what are they mixing, but seriously it tasted "yucks..." Lol..

Although it is disgusting but everyone still have to eat it happily! :(

One of the game..pity the!

My partner Sheryn during our first year rep performance! I put up my collar because I don't want my neck to turn into darker skin tone! Lol..*I looked so boyish and ugly here!* ><

My group won not because we won most of the stations..I think we won in 2 or 3 stations only..this prizes is for something like the most cooperative group! consolation prize la! Haha...but we are happy for it! 

You can't spot any male team members in my group, cz they went back early, left all the girls who fight till the end! Girl's hooray! So poor to the guys, we know who they are! Mr Quah and Mr Soh in the picture! 

The end of the post! Is a long one I know! Lol..

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