Friday, October 12, 2012

Fruitful October

I am a tai-tai today! 

Chilling in Starbucks during afternoon and ordered Venti-sized Green Tea Frap. I can't finish all and is too sweet for me. ><

I am not here to enjoy but to prepare for my minor subject notes. Somehow it is very relaxing after a hectic week and exercise consecutively since Monday. Sitting in the same table I used to sit with dear, miss his presence so much! 

Go to Straits Quay during weekday feels so not much people! Is really pathetic to see those outlets have no customers, wonder how can they survive with high rental cost. Many have closed down already. 

Love sea view huh?! For those who live in the city, miss Penang right...:)

Just received a call from junior saying that tomorrow I am the facilitator for Interaction Day! Excited leh but somehow I think I am too old already! Lol..which lucky team that I am going to lead tomorrow? Hehe..Such a long time didn't involved in station games..but I used to be a very good team player last time when I attended camp. :) The Best Female Candidate! Used to be la..LOL!

Tomorrow will be a fruitful day cz morning I need to attend Interaction Day and Wanderers concert at night. This afternoon mum asked me whether want to go KL or not since tomorrow they are off to KL but I rejected their offers! OH NO!! I can't believe I have made this decision. Not going to KL that means not going to meet dear! ><

I am looking forward to the end of the month cz I have plans almost every weekend till the beginning of November! Happy..actually this is my birthday month. I don't expect much seriously, I just hope he come back to celebrate with me, enjoy the trip with my family and that's it. Satisfied! 

Story of the day

I realized Malaysian don't like to throw away the waste everytime after they finish their meals. They always need servers to clear their tables. I wonder why Malaysian don't have the habit to clean the table right before they leave. The restaurants I mean is fast food restaurant like Mcd, KFC, Starbucks and so on.

I learnt this when I went to Singapore, I saw them usually throw the waste when they leave. I know not all Singaporeans behave like this but at least I have seen some of them behave better than Malaysian. Really hope to see Malaysian can keep this habit, please influence your friends or keep this habit after you read this post okay? This will show your courtesy and reduce the servers workload since it didn't bring any trouble to us. :)

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