Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guen's daily routine

Recently start to have stacks of work to do. I don't have activities on hand but tons of assignments yet to be complete as I am a Marketing students. :-( Yet I have to go for workout to make sure I am not growing fat again. But I think I did so as darling came back last week, went to eat a lot but didn't go for workout! *guilty to the max* 

Furthermore, I have squash for my co curriculum. Everytime after my squash session, go back home, I have no strength to do other things already. I will certainly go to bed early cz seriously too tired after it! So usually I will sleep early at night and wake up early at 6 to 7am, making sure that I have a clearer mind to do things early in the morning. *I woke up early now to write my blog* LOL..If you are afraid of over tired, then better don't apply for squash!

Tons of Marketing assignments and my BM homework. Nowadays I still have to rewrite the notes in my note book to the proper A4 paper for future use. I admit in the previous 2 years I am not this kind of student. I will skip class, tutorials, don't even complete my tutorial homework and etc. That period of time I am always busy with my activities, going for meeting at night and so on but that time the classes are large, you can afford to skip class cz you will be able to study on our own. *Don't learn from me! Bad example!* XD So far my results still ok la, not that bad..LOL! I am still satisfied with "this kind" of performance!

Apparently I couldn't do so since I have taken my major. The number of students is small so we couldn't skip class as the lecturers will realized it. Then obviously, the number of students in a group for assignment will be lesser, that means the workload will be heavier. Then we have to do presentation again, tutorial every week and etc. Seriously, Marketing is ain't that easy like what you think because the final is all essay question  which consist of 20 marks. If you couldn't answer then say bye bye to the paper!

Gosh, I have to be more productive already! Cannot always sleep sleep sleep! Btw I didn't go for shopping since sem starts, didn't play my phone apps, not really hanging out with friends, then where my time gone?! Ok, I guessed obviously as you know should be blogging, dear come back for a week so accompanied him most of the time, busy with assignments and so on! >< I seriously have to go back on track, cannot allow the lazy bug crawling on my body! Luckily I am not working, if not I think I will go crazy! Should focus on my task accordingly, since now is still the new sem, I still have to get used to it! If everything going on smoothly, then next sem I shall start trying something new! :)

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