Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birthday Afternoon Tea at David Brown's Restaurant with my Love

Do you feel that recently I seldom update my blog? Miss reading my post huh? Lol...actually I miss them so much...Blogging will make me happier when I know many people like to read the story that I shared..*thick skinned* *perasan* Lol...I didn't update it for 5 days already leh...is so long..usually I update it two or three days once! This is because......

Last weekend my time is fully occupied by Mr. Yeap! Obviously my boyfriend la...XD! 

He purposely come back from KL to celebrate my birthday! Feel so touched and happy when I see him...sometimes praying hard he don't go back or else I will suffering here..I always keep a "philosophy" that, when he is back then it is my holiday, no working, no meeting, no assignment please...cz he come back like 3 weeks once and not even 48 hours and you ask me to do something else...no way la! Those couples couples understand what I mean right...*nodding your head kuat kuat* Lol....

Heading to our destination happily! Love it! :)

Tadaa!!! This is where we go! The Penang Hill! Never been there before with him since we pak tor..*I don't realized that until he told me* Lol...we bought the ticket with student price..RM4 for round trip or else you will have to pay RM8 for adult price..visit Penang Hill Ticketing and Pricing!

This is the only photo taken together. Sob..I don't look good here! Sad..don't think that I am a auntie again taking umbrella..cz he afraid it will rain so we bring umbrella just in case..so attentive of him! ^^

The new train in case you haven't seen before..this is my first time seeing the new one..previously was the old one when I go up to Penang Hill! 

Seriously no joking this thing is extremely fast than what I have expected! Can't even take pictures of the view cz you can missed it easily as the train going too fast already! ><

Can't take pictures of the view so take pictures of ourselves! Lol...

We are here in like 5 minutes! My God...want to take photo of the 712m above sea level also missed it..cz told you the train go too fast what..LOL!

The Penang Hill view from the platform..:)

I think he looks good in this photo although he kiap the umbrella with both legs...Hahahaha!

This photo was taken with my 4S! Nice to see Penang from the top..but actually..there are nothing up in Penang Hill except for the breathtaking view! Lol...

The place where we want to have our afternoon tea! But not David Brown's Sky Terrace la..somewhere above this Sky Terrace! *you should know where is it already, I don't know shiok sendiri for what* Lolol..

So happy that he come back to celebrate my birthday with me. Thanks dear!

The place where we have our afternoon tea! David Brown's Restaurant at Strawberry Hill! So happy of us..this is our first time having tea time! Never did this before in the past 4 years! Lol...but glad that we experience this during my birthday celebration! *again with my Fitflop shoes* Haha...

The restaurant before we step in the entrance. It was quite cooling actually! Love the environment as well! 

Actually Dear intended to bring me here for my birthday dinner but I rejected. Then he decided to make it as afternoon tea and I will be looking somewhere else for my birthday dinner again..he let me choose by myself cz I am always very picky! Lol..

I usually end up going to the place where I want instead of the place he chose, so he rather let me survey by myself..we had my birthday dinner in Dragon-i and Paddington House of Pancake before! Lol..because I want it that's why he got no choice although his initial plan is to bring me for something good! *pity him*

The bungalow..you may sit outside when it is cooling but never when the sun is shining! "Hot die you"! 

Cooling right the weather? Thanks God...cz I keep using The Secret, law of attraction to pray hard that the sun don't come out and don't rain! Lol...

The view is even nicer when you goes up to the restaurant. Sky Terrace is below the David Brown's restaurant.

Our tea time! Tai-tai outing today! The strawberry jam really yummy and not too sweet. With their delicious scones thickly spread with fresh butter, fruity strawberry jam and topped with thick Devon clotted cream, it tastes really good! Especially the warm baked and flavourful scones! I remembered I had scones in Delicious before is not that nice what..how come the scones here is so fresh!

Devonshire Cream Tea (RM24)
served with two scones, fresh butter, fresh strawberry jam and Devon clotted cream

We ordered potato wedges as well. Lol..come here to have potato wedges, funny or not us! But worth trying..
 Skin-on Potato Wedges (RM8)

Both of us enjoying the cool breezes! Best life ever! 

If you think outside is warm you may dine in under the shade. We chose outdoor cz we think we came so far so we should enjoy the view. ^^

A notice right in front of the washroom. *he said this is funny but I don't understand*

That's the end of our afternoon tea time. I still have birthday dinner to post about so stay tuned! I have to squeeze some time in to write my blog whereas other friends of mine busy doing their assignments! T.T Recently got too many assignments and test to work on la..

You may think that the hi-tea is expensive but anyhow to us it is worthy with such a nice view and ambience. Even you had it in Delicious, Suffolk House are nearly this price. May be Winter Warmers is cheaper..I don't know..never been there. Someone can share with me if you had their tea-time set before.

I would recommend to people if you wish to have some private chit chatting session with your girl friends or couples. A reminder to all of you, is quite difficult to look for parking so beware for it. Lol..

For reservation, please call
David Brown's Restaurant and Tea Terraces
Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-8288337
Opens: 9am to 9pm daily

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