Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reminiscing the old good days

Today is ko-cha-bi day! 

The week when darling came back we went for early kopitiam breakfast. I requested to him that I wanted to go back to this kopitiam (coffee shop) because went there before and I think it was nice. This is my second visit and I felt like either my expectation was too high or my taste bud is something wrong previously. Not that nice anymore leh! Lol..

Anyhow it still satisfied me la! I love nasi lemak and kopi-peng (kopi ais) as my breakfast! The combination is awesome! I am not a coffee lover, is just that sometimes I love kopi-peng during morning.

I love toasted bread and boiled eggs as well! You have to "drink" the boiled egg in the glass cup, don't tell me you use the spoon to take it. Lol..Hardly I can find boiled egg in cup, I love it so much..is so old-fashioned!

You can hardly see this kind of kopitiam chairs already.

This place is located in Jalan Batu Gantung. No signboard. In case you want to go, you turn into Jalan Batu Gantung (beside Turn Club Penang), go straight, until you see two kopitiam on your left, this is the one which located beside the junction. 

p.s Can I suggest to Old Town White Coffee to have this kind of "drinking-style" boiled egg? Lol..

#2 Ko-cha-bi post

Finally tried this Ice kacang with dear! Always like to have food hunt with him when he is around because we can shared the happiness together. Both of us like to EAT! Lol..tam-chiak people (greedy eater)! Chun Yuen joined us as well, he likes to eat with us cz we always bring him for good food! :)

Kek Seng Home Made Durian Ice Cream! Always passed by the shop but never stop to try out the food before cz is actually quite hard to look for parking. People usually park outside the shop. 

Homemade+Durian Ice Cream+Ice Kacang=Try it yourself

Wah..this kind of table reminds me the time when I am still staying in Georgetown area! Cz that time always hang around in those shop with mum when we are free. Only kopitiam have this, and I don't think many coffee shops still have this kind of tables and chairs. If you want to reminisce about the good old days, you may visit here!

Walking distance from Komtar. Saw Bee Chin Hiang?

Famous with their Durian Ice Cream!

Another signature of this Ice Kacang is it serves with a piece of jelly with two scoops of ice cream! Actually the toppings is very simple, two scoops of ice cream, jelly, corn, red bean and ice only. 

We ordered sweet corn and durian ice cream, this costs us RM4.50!! Lol..the price is kind of expensive to me served with this small portion. If you don't like durian ice cream, you may ordered two normal flavour ice cream, then it would be RM4. 

The tastes ah, I am not really sure how to describe but is quite normal I would say. It is not extremely delicious compared to others and it tasted quite different, not the same like the usual one. I asked Chun Yuen how it tasted, he also don't know how to explain. Lol..

Come to try it by yourself! May be you will like it. :) 

Newspaper cutting on the food review. 

Have a enjoyable and fruitful ko-cha-bi food hunting day! :)

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