Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Love to share about new stuff again! No doubts people nowadays can shop online buying clothes, shoes, camera, different shopping deals and so on. Some may come with discounted price, some may not! This time, I am introducing you a online shopping website known as Hermo which is selling DISCOUNTED branded skin care products and cosmetics! GREAT DEALS right? :)

Honestly, I get to know about Hermo from a blogger Chuckei when she recommended about the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. She post about Hermo right after I bought a new bottle from Parkson with original price! ><

Talking about myself, I have some knowledge on skin care products because I started to use skin care after I have blemish and acne skin. It happens to be 6 to 7 years ago so please imagine how much money I have spent on skin care already! *Tears dropping* I don't want to be such a big spender, no choice, God give me this kind of skin condition so I have to rely on myself! Tried a lot of brands before from Japan, UK, US and even Korea but none of it can cure my blemish skin.

I even went for facial, but I realized like what people said, once we have stop doing facial, the acne will haunt you again! It happened on me, I don't know why is it like that, may be my beautician is not good or! But right now skin condition turns better after I started to use Kiehl's!

I know many who read blogs knows about Hermo already, but I still wish to share with my friends who haven't expose to it. Actually 8 weeks before I have share it through my Instagram about Hermo.

A friend of mine actually try out Hermo's product after I recommend it, and the feedback was good. This person do not want to reveal his/her identity, but I have requested him/her to write a review for me after using it. :)

Anonymous said, "I had no experience on online shopping before, but my friend, Guendeline Phoon introduce me to I had bought some products from it and I really like the product. It will be more lovely if can add in some products from other brands, so that I can have more choices to try new products. is really an awesome online shopping website. Thanks."

Thanks a lot for the review! It is valuable! There are still plenty of reviews from the customers who shopping at!

They even featuring Clinique and L'occitane products! You should grab one and buy it as a present for your girl friend or mum at discounted price! :)

Elizabeth Arden as well! Variety of brands available at!

 Some of the other top brands that are featuring in Hermo! Is there any brands that you are using currently?

Furthermore, they are selling perfume at discounted price! How good!

Including set item! Thus you have to check Hermo website from time to time to update with the latest deals because their deals will only last for few hours! 

A few attractive factors that you should shopping with Hermo
~ is selling 100% original products with discounted price so do not worry about the quality.
~ Hermo charges RM4 per parcel only and buy 2 free shipping policy!
~ Your order will be issued within one working day after the end of the deal for sale. Some of the customers review that they receive their parcels the day right after they purchased! This is what they called as flash shipping!
~ If you are not satisfied with the service and products, they provide 14 days refundable policy! Regardless whether you opened or used the products. Good right! Think for the customers! Best service quality! Give you 100% confidence to shop at Hermo!
~ They even provide Hermo credits a.k.a rewarding points to the customers! Click hermo credits to know more about it!

What makes you hold back from shopping at Hermo! Check out their website regularly for more discounted skin care products!

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Hermo Website

Enjoy shopping! 

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