Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How come?!

Ahh! Recently I was so busy and I did not know what I am busy at?! *smack myself*
I didn't take too many units what, but how come I feel like I have no time to eat, shopping, watch movie, hang out with friends? *pastel colour words*
I seriously wonder where my time flies..I guess many people who are reading feel the same like me. *nodding* Lol..
I have only a class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday I don't even have class! ><

-I sleep early and wake up early. I usually woke up before 8am but off to the bed before 12am. So don't call me after 12am! Lol..
-I exercise at least 4 times a week. May be most of my time gone for exercise? At least 2 hours each time.
-I have assignment meetings. This semester not that much already what! 
-I blog 4 times in a week. Ya, I admit this consume lots of time.
-I take longer time to complete my task given? Got meh? 
-Drive back and forth to class usually take me 30 minutes per trip.
-Sleep for 8 hours.

All this stuff occupied my time makes me don't even have time to go for shopping, watch movie and so on. 
Most of the time I skipped for my breakfast either! =="
May be my time management has gone somewhere wrong. Lol..
Everyday go out early and reach home after 8pm

Compared to last time I can consider super-free now but how come my free time is still so little! *Clueless*

A picture of me took recently. 

Don't learn from me. :p Is a bad example, so reflect yourself whether are you doing exactly the same thing like me. Lol..

Have a nice day peeps!

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