Thursday, October 18, 2012

All the WH questions

Ahh! A quick post today!

All of us started to occupy our time with studies and assignments, and the MIDTERM! Why the time flies so fast and now is week 6 already..I am not in the mood to study yet but midterm is approaching..Oh my goodness! *Lecturers can you please don't be so hardworking* :p

Last week I have mentioned that I am going to have a great and happy weekend, you can read from here! Here are the remaining post after my Interaction Day. I rush like mad from campus, bath then ready to go out again. Yvette they all waiting hungrily and I am so so sorry for that! Paiseh hah...

"What to eat?" is the most headache questions when you have gathering or so on. Luckily that day Yvette requested to dine in Xuan Xin Ramen so we headed for it. I crave for this ramen all the time but this time ordered something new for myself, the fried ramen, I think not so good cz it is too spicy! It becomes tasteless when it turns out to be too spicy. I ordered Fried Tomyam Seafood something like that, and referring to the menu there are lots of squids, but why I can't find any of them in my dish! ==" Next time better order the soup one..It tastes a lot better! 

Super tired face of mine..rush here and there like mad people! Lol...Some more after been the facilitator of Interaction Day leh! 

Yvette! My ex-roomie! Miss talking to her so much till late night and neglected all the things that we have to do! Haha..Her favourite Tomyam mee! This is better..order this if you come! This is the Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen Website, nice or not the ramen!! Try the 海龙王拉面, I always love it! *Sorry I don't know what it called in English* ><

Later on, we went for movie! "What to watch?" Finally my dream come true to watch horror movie! We always scare ourselves out everytime when we watch horror movie but bo pian, I really loves it. I don't prefer the ghost come out and all those bloody bloody scene Silent Hills series, those Exorcist movie ah...*so choosy* I prefer those with good story line and a bit geli scene lo! Like that I am fine! Haha..I am confusing you hor!

Anyway if you are those moderate-type-horror-movie-persons like me! Then go for this! Although really kan cheong throughout the movie but the storyline is really good! Even Yvette who always scare of watching horror movie but after she watched this, she likes it leh! Haha...I am so good in recommending movie! Lol..

Some scene showing in the movie! This girl looks familiar right, ya she is showing in X-men and Hunger Games! :)

Handsome or not, the male actor in the movie!

p.s If you don't like it after you watched, don't scold me ya! Lol...

"What to see?" Raining before we heading to The Wanderers Concert! So sui of us! But anyhow we enjoy ourselves in the concert. They perform well especially the Emcee Team! Well done! Of course their great performance get overwhelming response from the audiences as well!

This is the emcee team! Their informal script is always very funny! the audience won't feel bored throughout the entire concert! :)

The costum cute hor! XD

Then that's the end of the day! Enjoy ourselves yet tired!

Upcoming would be a food review perhaps!? Not sure yet..stay tune la!

Anyway I am looking forward to this weekend, going to celebrate my birthday with the loved one! Thanks for bringing me around to have my favourite food! People who knew me would always know "Food is my source of happiness" LOL!

See ya! Every friends of mine good luck on your studies and assignments! Those who are working, money money come ya! Bye....catch up with you next time!


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