Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's workout at Clark Hatch Penang!

Girls will usually grumble "I have gained weight!", "I am fat!" all sorts of reasons but they just refuse to exercise! Lol..I am one of them. I just don't like to go jogging in the park, some will just tell you they don't like to feel sweaty! I used to exercise when I am young, play badminton regularly, but after I found out there are actually fitness centre available then I started to join it since I am 18. I have stop for 2 years and now I return to Clark Hatch again!

After 2 months of holiday being a couch potato and travelling around, I realized I have gain weight! This is a night mare ever when you know you are fat and not able to fit in the clothes that you like! I can't allow myself to feel so that is why I decided to join them again! So this is the place that I spent most of my time after class.

My first thought of joining gym will always goes to Clark Hatch Fitness Centre in Kelawei Road. It is the only gym in Penang exclusively for LADIES! Good news to you right?! So you won't feel uncomfortable when you are using the equipments and man beside staring at you! LOL...

This is the main entrance of Clark Hatch fitness centre. You can't see it from the main road, it is located behind the Penang Flying Club. 

The front desk where you usually get your locker keys here. 

The pantry corner. They provide complimentary biscuits, tea and coffee for the members.  

Always love their cosy pantry. You can relax, read the papers after workout and enjoy their complimentary drinks. 

Here come the treadmills! They have plenty of it so don't worry as it is always available.

Here is the corner of the weight and fitness equipments. If you are not clear with the machine usage you may consult the front desk. 

The weight equipment to tone up your arms, inner thighs and etc. Just come and explore it by yourself!

Upright bikes and the stepper. The stepper strengthens the heart and circulation system as well as the muscles of the seat and legs. 

The second floor is the studio where classes will be carry on. 

Second floor of the centre. Fitballs for the class purposes.

Rowing machine. 

Crosstrainers are also called elliptical trainers or elliptical crosstrainers. It is design to imitate and stimulate actual walking, jogging and running movements. Ladies' favourite to workout on these! 

Exercise bicycles. 

Some of the equipments for abs exercise. 

The studio that held the group exercises. The studio programmes offer an exciting range of classes. Their time table for the classes are updated monthly. Yoga mat and step board are provided. 

Weight and dumbbells as well for trim and tone class. 

Your personalised lockers.

They have huge mirrors everywhere.

Shower facilities and at the end is the steam room. 

The steam room. I have mentioned in my previous entry about the benefits of steam room. Benefits of steam bath read about it! 

A friendly reminder to the members to ensure the cleanliness of the steam room.  

Always love the saloon hair dryers and huge mirrors.

This is the classes available for September. The peak hour is usually between 10.30am to 12.30pm and 5pm to 8pm during weekdays and classes on Saturday. 

This is the joining fees. You can compare between Clark Hatch and other fitness centre. I can hardly get such prices from other fitness centre in Penang island. Of course there are still options in other area but Clark Hatch suits me the most as it is exclusively for ladies and the location is strategic cz it is near to my place.

This is the package that I am joining now. Students membership. RM60 per month. You can come anytime as you wish! I have been asked by the management to pay 3 months advance payment and the admin fees which cost RM230 upon registration.

This is the location of Clark Hatch Penang. It is along Kelawei Road, opposite Subway and beside UOB Bank. When you found Flying Club, Clark Hatch is just behind it. 

Overall comment
Location: Strategic for those who are staying in Georgetown, Gurney and Tanjong Tokong. 
Cost: Affordable for students and average of RM85 for working adults on all-day basis. Off-peak and weekend package will be RM50.
Facilities: The equipments are sufficient for ladies because ladies usually attend the classes.
Crowd: Peak hours will be from 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm during weekdays and Saturday. Other than that usually not much members. Crowd will usually turn up during classes carry on.

Feel free to contact them if you need further details, or visit to the centre for consultation.
Clark Hatch Fitness Centre
15, Kelawei Road,
10250, Penang

Tel: 04-2278948

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday (7am-10pm)
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (9am-7pm)

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