Friday, September 28, 2012

Happiness delivered to you

Story of the day:

#1 You will be happy when you realized there are someone who are actually reading your blog.
#2 They don't even know you but what you have posted catch their attention.
#3 You are happier when both of you are strangers yet they are following your blog!

I would like to thanks those who follow me in my nuffnangX!! Ya although I know the number is little..*shame* but I am just too happy. You all motivate me to update my blog regularly because I know there are someone who reading it. I won't crap in my blog for the sake of update it and earning money through blogging. What I wrote mean something to me and I would like to mark it as a diary and share it to people. Now I understand why people like to blog, they just feel happy to share their stories with others. I even wish to write my daily routine as interesting as possible so I could share the happiness with people. Don't worry I will never crap here just for the sake of update it! I will appreciate for all your follows!
Love you all...:)


See who has come back! He don't like the photo here cz his hair looked so long..*he think so* like grass, he said! Lol..luckily I managed to have some off day during weekdays which I don't have class, all thanks to Dr Azizah for cancelled this week Service Marketing's tutorial! Lol...Cz his holiday always fall on my school days. Especially this end of the semester, I am having exam then he is having his semester break instead! *cry out loud*

Then we went to SenQ glance through all the smart gadgets. Oh my god! I fall for Samsung S3 already! So so much..For your information, I am a Apple users and I just bought my iPhone 4S half year ago during Chinese New Year, now I felt so bad for falling in love with S3! Don't you think their resolution is so high and the picture taken is so clear?! Boyfriend did told me that if I use S3 I may not know how to "operate" it cz I am a techno-noob..but I just don't want to bother cz I like the huge screen, clear picture taken with front cam! I don't play games often so don't bother about the apps! ><

I just feel that the Samsung S3 looked so BEAUTIFUL with me holding it! LOLOL!
*All these photos were taken by my 4S* =="

OMG with the resolution! Have to control myself! 

I even asked boyfriend whether he want to buy my 4S then I could top up some money to buy this S3!

Later on we went for movie since it is movie night. We picked Bait since we heard people said this is not bad, must watch movie, bla bla bla...but end up I don't think it met my expectations! The storyline is too simple, after the sharks died, then that's it! You can prepare to leave the cinema! And the front part I don't understand why the want to explain it for so long. That time I thought I have entered the wrong cinema. *double check with the tickets immediately* LOL! Sorry with the very disgusting picture! I have tried to minimize it already! Lol..

That is how I spent my Wednesday! At least something special due to Darling coming back, S3 experience and my movie night what! ><

By the way, today just done with my first real hand on Squash lesson! My is so damn HARD! TO ME! Gonna post about my affair with Squash soon! I hate and must love you at the same time! *cry*
Tomorrow gonna meet friend, have food hunt in Penang! Happy!

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