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Kopitiam and Rumah Terbalik in Tuaran, Sabah

Third day we were driving to Kundasang but morning drop by somewhere else to have breakfast. 

First stop for Sabah type of Pork noodle, they called it 生肉面. They told me KL have it as well but not as good as this. :-) 

Kedai Kopi Melanian 金沙园生肉面

 photo DSC00335_zps48fdc18d.jpg

I like the noodle but some of them prefer the soup. I think both also nice la..worth a try. Figured out Sabah got lots of handmade noodles like this..every shop have their signature noodle. This is uncommon in Penang.

Anyway I love the chili, shop like this must have exceptional and extraordinary chili to accommodate the noodle, sometimes is not the noodle that nice in fact is the chili. Haha..

 photo DSC00336_zpsd48c2ee0.jpg

Magnificent duck meat I should say. Lol..not a duck meat lover but this fit my taste. Love it!

 photo DSC00342_zps5132ec36.jpg

 photo DSC00344_zpsa7a49c3f.jpg

 photo DSC00345_zps1a21e869.jpg

Kedai Kopi Melanian 金沙园生肉面
34, Jalan Pantai, 88000 Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
Contact: 016-829 8668

 photo DSC00347_zpseeefba17.jpg

The shop that is selling duck meat. We ta pao to the other noodle shop. Haha..kill two birds with one stone! 

Restoran Kin Hwa 京华美食餐室
DBKK. No. 7-0, Block C, Ground Floor,
Inanam Business Centre,
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Contact: 013-856 2265 / 016-841 0969
Business Hour: 6.30am to 3pm

 photo DSC00352_zps7dfa8ab8.jpg

Next stop, we were hunting for custard bun in this coffee shop. 

 photo DSC00355_zps0d98626d.jpg

Unfortunately the baked one is not ready yet so at last we pick the steam bun. Anyway I like the Q-ness of the bun and they have variety of fillings. I chose butter and char siew, both also not bad. 
Sorry I forgot how much it is exactly, around RM1 to RM1.20 I guess. 
They are famous for the baked custard buns anyway, but it starts selling at 11.30am. 

 photo DSC00358_zps46647497.jpg

Bread baked freshly on the spot! We rarely see this in Penang Kopitiam. 

 photo DSC00361_zps229afaf0.jpg

Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin
Block E, Lorong Inanam, 
Inanam New Township Ph. 2, 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Contact: 088-423 337

 photo DSC00367_zpsf89c1726.jpg

Four cars all the way up to Kundasang and Kudat! Total 18 of us! Haha..

 photo DSC00369_zps3cc8f1cc.jpg

Next stop, Rumah Terbalik at Tuaran! Details about Rumah Terbalik you may read it from the Sabah Tourism Website.

 photo DSC00372_zps077fb237.jpg

 photo DSC00375_zpscd2e6a5a.jpg

 photo DSC00379_zpsd523fd97.jpg

 photo DSC00385_zps47d150d3.jpg

 photo DSC00389_zpsd531ae63.jpg

 photo DSC00390_zps60579a06.jpg

 photo DSC00396_zpsc08f8dd6.jpg

Everything is terbalik here but I rotate my picture so looking like we are floating upside down but kinda fake!

 photo DSC00403_zps090f4a6f.jpg

Group picha! We got a complementary chocolate drink cz we purchased the ticket with student card! Haha..student rocks! 

 photo DSC00415_zpsae085819.jpg

Frankly speaking, I don't think I will come again. nothing inside, just that everything is terbalik. 

And some of my friends feeling creepy inside, haha..anyway I am very simple-minded so didn't noticed anything difference inside the house.  

 photo DSC00419_zps4e09b02f.jpg

I just want to show you guys this super-epic picture that I highlighted below!

 photo DSC00421_zps41ba6d32.jpg

"Please remain seated for the entire performance." - Management of Rumah Terbalik
What kind of notice is this huh? Pee-ing is performance ah?! Lol..

Rumah Terbalik
Kampung Telibong, Batu 21,
Jalan Telibong, Tamparuli,
district of Tuaran.

Admission Fees:
MyKad Holders: RM10
Others: RM18
Students/Children below 12 years: RM5
Children below 3 years: Free of Charge
** Kindly note that indoor photography is prohibited.
Opening Hours: Daily including public holidays 8am to 10pm

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