Thursday, May 9, 2013

Favourite Pick of the Month: May

Yea! Blog blog blog tonight! I know I have been away for so long! No la..because earlier on everyone was talking about so awkward if I suddenly update a food post or what..haha..must comply with the trend!

Thanks God that my traffic is still running..these few days I dare not to check cz I scare my traffic decrease drastically then affect my did affect me if my blog not doing well lo..:-(

I am actually very excited these few days..many things happening but didn't really have time to share it with you..those time wasted on..erm..gym..wasting time on and etc! Lol..

Today gonna update a little on the recent shopping hauls~! My favourite pick of the month! Yoohoo..

First pick! Ma Cherie hair shampoo! *Ahh..I'm so excited when I see it..*

Thought it is selling in Watson, looking around for so long but they doesn't have..thinking may be selling in Watson Singapore only..down! When I decided to give up shows up! Know where did I found it? Is in Guardian! Never expect Guardian selling it cz usually Guardian stock up with basic shampoo range only like Sunsilk, Pantene, Dove..etc.

After double confirm, Watson Gurney is not selling..btw I bought this in Guardian, Gurney!

 photo IMG_1345_zpse015ca62.jpg

You may wonder why am I so fancy about Ma Cherie shampoo? One of the reason is because is because of Shiseido? No because people rate it as best smelling shampoo ever! That is why I am so eager to try it! But Shiseido brand is also one of the plus point!

On the other hand, it is Made In Japan! Although the price selling higher..I am more than willing to pay! Haha..people tend to assume products from Japan are quality assurance one! Don't you agree? So normally I will turn to the back to check where does it made is one of my consideration as well..^^

On top of that, it is from Shiseido! So okay la..can consider buying! Haha..this called brand conscious consumer..companies love this kind of loyal customers need advertising we also buy! Lol..

So faster go grab yourself one! After I shampooed with Ma Cherie, I tell you honestly how good is it okay..I won't lie if it doesn't meets my expectation! So waiting for the review la..:-)


Second pick! AquaLabel White Up Emulsion S! Product from Shiseido again..and yet Made in Japan! Hahaha..

So coincidentally that I pick both products from Shiseido! They earn huge market share huh? From hair to skin care products and cheaper to prestige brand!

I was considering whether Naruko or AquaLabel..Naruko is cheaper and Made in Taiwan, AquaLabel is more expensive and products from Japan so end up going for this! Haha..*brand conscious again*

This turn up to be more expensive compared to other skin care products selling cheaper in Watson..such a small bottle retailing at RM64.90!

Ok la..I will be the "tester" to try the texture then review to you guys soon about the results and how it works on me ok? Hopefully I have time to review about it! o.O

 photo IMG_1362_zps59482e81.jpg


Third pick! Nike sports bra! This also want to share with you is my favourite pick ma, this is certainly one of it! 

So happy that I bought this with "I-think-not-so-expensive" price! Lol..and I like the colour la..finally no need to wear those old old one to gym already! Yeah..

 photo IMG_1360_zps14c7b499.jpg

Before I end this post would like to share this with you all! How do you think both of the bags showing below in the picture? Lol..Top or bottom better? *I know most of you would say both also shitty* Lol..

 photo IMG_1357_zps4018ccc0.jpg

I know this age you must be thinking we should buy branded one..or if casual then a tote bag will do..nobody would have thought to buy this..Lolol..

I want to buy a small backpack for some time already..Then few days ago when I went shopping with friends, found this kiddy is for KIDS! I think is very cute wo..the bottom one..look very korean-like! Haha..pick both to try..both with the same price but the top one is too mainstream that's why considering to buy the bottom one..*you must be thinking why am I so foolish* Lol..

I know people must be thinking I am "siao cha bo" *crazy girl* if I use..but I did considered buying that lo..*lol* 

Anyway at last I am not buying..*phew* if I buy then really impulse buying! So ok la save money! Don't worry guys..I am still normal..just that time ki siao only! Lol...

With just a few photos I can crap so long! Thanks for finish it! 

Good night peeps! 

Have a great day ahead! 


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    1. I bought travelling pack..RM12.90 for 100ml..normal size which is 200ml will cost you RM26.90 if I am not mistaken..:-)

  2. Alright! Thanks. Hope to hear your review soon. :)