Monday, July 1, 2013

Korea Travel Book: Myeong Dong

Korea second day! Interesting went out since 9am to 6pm..I will mention Malaysia time la..Korea is earlier for an hour..meaning now here is nearly 1am d but I am still blogging..tomorrow have to wake up at 9am! *MY time* 

So I will blog along with the pictures la..tons of pictures that happening today! Ok let's go..

Our first time travel by Subway in Korea! Learnt to buy the T-money card by map and  everything..initially we are going to the wrong take off and go to the other side ok la practice makes perfect ma..:p

 photo IMG_2410_zps2da9734b.jpg

Very clean and cz we travel on Sunday morning so not much people yet..

 photo IMG_2411_zps14ab0ce9.jpg

They have door to connect the both train..different like our LRT..and I think this is safer la..

 photo IMG_2412_zpsbd814373.jpg

Complicated subway map..but not hard to can adapt to it soon..and they have different language not to won't lost..:-)

 photo IMG_2414_zps97168afa.jpg

Reached City Hall station and walk to Myeong Dong..See Koreana Hotel? 3 years back when I travelled to Korea with family, we stayed in this hotel! Very clean and near to the tourist in the centre of Seoul city..walking distance to Myeong Dong but kinda pricey..RM500+ per night..but if you are affordable then I can recommend this hotel to you..:-)

 photo IMG_2417_zpsea52fd12.jpg

Seoul Gwang jang *name in Korean* 首尔广场 in mandarin..something like Penang esplanade..:-) you can google the history if you are interested to know more about this place.

 photo IMG_2418_zps9d5cfebe.jpg

First photo of myself in Korea..yesterday all food and streets' pictures..><

 photo IMG_2422_zpsc0339a53.jpg

Some activities during the Dano. Dano, May 5th by lunar calendar, has been considered as the best for the stamina during the year.

Common activities of Dano are Ssireum *Korean wrestling* and swinging. So they have a huge swing displaying here for public to try but we dare not to swing too high..

 photo IMG_2430_zpsf3001d5c.jpg

Global ATM. Not sure whether is this available in other countries..but if you are visiting to Korea but worry of bringing insufficient cash to shop, perhaps you can inquire your respective banks in home country whether did they offer Global ATM service and how was it operate. I didn't realized about this until I arrived. :-(

 photo IMG_2439_zpsad30fe7f.jpg

Cream puff. Chocolate and Original flavor. Original one tasted like ice cream and chocolate with real chocolate filling but I prefer original. Lol..500 won *RM1.50* each..

 photo IMG_2440_zpsa39c30a6.jpg

Olive Young, the one that I mentioned in yesterday post which is similar to Watson in Msia. 

 photo IMG_2442_zps5b59aeeb.jpg

We saw a cute duckie following this ahjushi! Why duck is appearing in Seoul city huh? Cute yet awkward

 photo IMG_2446_zpsb4920327.jpg

Hello me again in Myeong Dong! Reached early so not much people yet, the later the more people..very busy street! Shopping time! I didn't bring camera along so all photos was taken with iPhone bring camera for whole day long shopping is extremely tiring..
*now I can't feel my shoulder and neck d*

 photo IMG_2451_zpsd8745cf5.jpg

Tons of cosmetic shops along the streets! Is like in every 100m there is another same cosmetic shops! Lol..and almost all of them are half of the price compared to Msia..haha..some brand don't even released in Msia. 

 photo IMG_2455_zps57b98826.jpg

Krispy Kreme..will try out their donuts soon! Today short of time! Lol..

 photo IMG_2456_zps66359bec.jpg

A cosmetic brand endorsed by Psy..their body perfume mist smells so good..but I tahan nafsu! Lol..

 photo IMG_2457_zps6ebe4b45.jpg

Saw a few H&M stores here but dare not to walk in cz I have to save money for the last week in here is way too expensive as a Msia you know la Msia money low value one..ishhh! But living cost here high also choice..have to make sacrifices...if shopping no nice food, nice food no shopping..either one! XD

 photo IMG_2459_zps10e855a7.jpg

I want Baby Octopus! Raw one..crawling in my mouth! Wah..can't wait to try them in Jeju! Excited..but selling so expensive here in Myeong dong..25000 won equivalent to RM75! *gulps* So damn having fine dining in Penang d! But now with just a plate of octopus..o.O

 photo IMG_2463_zps4b222d7f.jpg

Qiang qiang...nah..the raw octopus..scary

 photo IMG_2464_zpsf34a8cae.jpg

Something like Uncle Jang in Msia but this one cook by ourselves..more fun la..

 photo IMG_2467_zps82d6bdac.jpg

Bags bags bags..and many baseball caps as well but I don't managed to take the pictures..

 photo IMG_2468_zpsed6d9133.jpg

McD as our this is the cheapest food in Myeong Dong that we seen besides bibimbap and NaengMyeon..>< 

 photo IMG_2469_zps2d8d52df.jpg

Opps..thought want to show you guys the price but don't realized this is Japanese words until I uploaded..

 photo IMG_2470_zpsf75b3a77.jpg

McD has my favourite Heinz Ketchup! So good....*melt* How good if Msia has

 photo IMG_2471_zpsf21f4b9c.jpg

 photo IMG_2472_zps94376267.jpg

Bulgogi burger 3500 won for a set *RM10.50* ala carte which cost 2000 won *RM6*..cheapest one in McD..

 photo IMG_2473_zpsf2c7ba84.jpg

My order! BigMac..I scare I hungry..haha..3900 won for ala carte..which is RM12 for only a burger..but really nice la..I love the melts one lo..and the beef patty juicy too..will have this again..too bad around uni area has no Mcd..

 photo IMG_2474_zpsfc0da2f0.jpg

Shopping hauls before lunch..after lunch we buy even more..haha!

 photo IMG_2475_zpse12d9e8a.jpg

ABC Mart selling cheap Birkenstock..average RM180 per pair..but won't buy cz is too heavy! 

 photo IMG_2476_zpsf6c52b4a.jpg

 photo IMG_2477_zpsc8fefecc.jpg

SPAO! I love Victoria! So pretty! Too bad is closed on Sunday..luckily I am still staying here can come anytime..if not I pity those tourist who purposely come but it is weird huh..Sunday closed shop..heard the Skin Food salesgirl said cz the owner is Christian..don't know true or not..haha..anyway doesn't make sense also

 photo IMG_2479_zps71dafe8d.jpg

Pretty Krystal, Victoria and Sulli! They tshirt cutting for girls very nice one..bought one tees before..

 photo IMG_2480_zpsf5ee735a.jpg

Toppoki! 3000 won..*RM10* I love toppoki! They said is too sipcy but I like wo..

 photo IMG_2481_zpsbc252f06.jpg

Okay this small bowl is RM10..ya you are right..just this small appreciate street food in so cheap! Lol..the one beside is hot soup..Korean will drink the soup in a cup while having their food! Different cultures..and the soup is really nice!

 photo IMG_2482_zps9eeb788a.jpg

Yayy almost come to an end! I want to sleep d! :p
Things that I bought..some very cheap to below RM3..some like Laneige the most expensive which is RM80+..if you are interested for some of the item's price..feel free to comment below to ask for the price. :-)
Some are really cheap hauls..

 photo IMG_2489_zps703be01c.jpg

Free gifts! much as the things that I bought! *a bit darker..all photos without edit*

 photo IMG_2486_zpsa656d954.jpg

Too cool for school is a hit in Korea! Bought their orange lips crayon and blackhead pack..RM1.50 only! If the results is good then will buy more back to Msia! Haha..

 photo IMG_2492_zpsd732eb91.jpg

Yup finally got this! RM80 something after less..! Yea..happy! 

 photo IMG_2493_zpsa4a69088.jpg

Bye bye..I am off to bed now..damn tired after a long day! 
Tomorrow orientation! First day of the program! Wish me luck..
Wanted to get data plan so badly..I think tomorrow most probably I can get them d..

p.s All the prices that I convert is the estimated price, accurate one you may check it with the current exchange rate. :-)


  1. Waaaahhh, are you in Korea, sist??
    Have fun yah ^^ *envy with you, sist :(

    1. yup I will be in Korea for a month! :-) There are people from all over the world..if one day you study university d you can also apply this summer program..:-)

  2. Waaaaaw!! For a month, you will be there sist??
    That's really long time, really envy with you :(
    Okay, thanks for your suggestion :)
    Hope I can go to there someday, Enjoy ya sist ^^
    Ah!! Please bring TOP for me ya sist, hahaha XD

    1. Sure I will enjoy my days here..:-)