Saturday, July 13, 2013

Korea Travel Book: Arrived in Jejudo

"Hello guys, I came back from Jeju in the past Sunday. Quite a fun trip in Jeju cz we met nice cab driver to fetch us around with very reasonable price we think..and it definitely save much time to tour around the island. 

Here are some of the recap of my trip. I have try to reduce as much pictures as I can cz I don't wish to spam my post with tons of pictures. Filter lots of them already." - this was written on Monday.

Today is Saturday already. Ehhem..I was refused to open this link cz just want to stay away from this blog chaos. Anyway I appreciate if you still click to the link to read this post. I knew from my friend that if she click my link from Facebook it will showed a pop-up saying this is a spam website things like that huh? Thanks for her telling me, and I have no idea what's happening here. If any of you came across this please let me know what's going on. I would be much appreciated!

Back to the story here. Jeju Air is the plane that we travel from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Airport. This is the shortest travel period compared to other transportation and is the most convenient one. 



Lunch in LotteRia. The cheapest set meal need RM16. In Malaysia, we considered RM10 as expensive for a McD set meal. Lol..



My Giant Double Burger. Double patty. Lol..being such a big eater here cz we have to walk a lot. If didn't eat this much, I am afraid I will be starved easily. Lol..


Streets right beside Jeju first time seeing town is just beside the airport.


The hostel we are staying in for 4 days 3 nights!



I am impressed with korea waste management. They really separate all the food waste and trash accordingly. Something that we should review and practice in Malaysia.


Our hostel room. Very cosy right? RM55 per person for a night. Considered cheap living in Korea. The bathroom is actually shared bathroom but is very clean no worries! :-)


Clean shared bathroom


The pantry in basement




Black pork that we had that day. The hostel person in charge recommended this restaurant to us and they said if staying in HK Jeju hostel, the customers will get 5 or 10% disc on the total bill. Anyway, we saw another shop which is more crowded on the same street. Sadly, we knew it after we had taken our dinner here.



This is so far the best food that I have in Korea. Lol..that day each person paying 13125 won which is equivalent to RM37. The best dinner I've ever had here. Usually I control my food expenses within RM30 per day and I tell you, one meal will cost you at least RM15 already. So this is definitely not a luxurious tour. Haha..


Fry in a glass look-alike "pan"..I knew Yea in Times Square is using this so-called pan, but many told me Yea is not nice. *Yea that I referred to is a restaurant*


Raw black pork and it looks quite oily huh?


Wah this is heaven. Haha..the pork oil flow underneath the bean sprouts and kimchi and my first time frying kimchi this way so is somehow different than the usual one.


Love wrapping this with lettuce, then a slice of pork, then kimchi, rice, bean sprouts and the chili paste with pickle green onion! Slurp..and the one on the left is pork skin. Nice also lo..haha..


I think this is the only one McDonald's in Jeju island.




Playing basketball just right beside the seashore with the breeze.



Love Jeju. Before I visit to this place, I will think ok lo, see rock, see mountain and sea but after visited I really love this place especially person like me who prefer seaside instead of city. May be another reason is because we chose the places that we want to go in Jeju, that is why we enjoy the trip very much.




Walked very far to see a rock. Yup is a rock, a tourist spot.


Okay, we reached.


People said can see a dragon look-alike rock but no matter which side I see, it doesn't looks like a dragon rock. ==" Another strange thing here is not the rock, is the uncle on the left in the picture is fishing. I wonder how can they walk so far till the tip there just to fish har..I see difficulties walking there


If you are interested you can google this place.


That's it for the first night. Has been a week and just got the mood to blog. Anyway I have a fun trip in Korea and today is my 15th day here. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the time to blog about my feeling staying here in this 15 days! 



  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I went to Jeju Island last month but it rained all three days. I agree with you on the Dragon Rock, I definitely did not see a dragon shape!

    1. Haha..exactly..I am still staying in Seoul now..are you still here? Reading reviews on the nice food in Seoul..:-)