Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Korea Travel Book: Boryeong Mud Festival

Hello! This few days lazy to go out that's why I have time here to update my blog! 
Will just be a short update.. 
The last three days staying in my dorm..such a cozy place..I'm gonna miss here. 

Last weekend we went to Boryeong Mud Festival with school field trip! 
Quite fun but weather is extremely hot! My shoulder, head and neck got sunburn now! Cz stupid me forgot to bring sunblock along..ishh! I turn dark super easily but takes very long time to have fair skin again. I should say I never have fair skin in my life, I can be darker than my friends whereby I drive but they walk in the campus..=="

Picture with Ching Ya, a very lovely girl from Taiwan!


Super in love with the sea but the water is dark colour cz everyone wash themselves after the mud games. 


My first time seeing so so many people along the sea coast. Too bad the picture is blur cz the waterproof casing has too much mud on it! Lol..I need to buy a waterproof casing for my  iPhone so badly! If not I missed out many picture taking time! 



Some rave party time! So fun! 


I have no idea what expression is this..=="


Apply mud all over the body to block the sun rays! Lol..treating it as sunscreen but I think it doesn't help..


We apply mud ourselves before assess to the game zone. 


While playing! 


Pictures credited to Carmen! She is from Hong Kong who currently study in Korea! 


I left few days here for the Summer Program. After this we will be all on our own..free and easy tour..will enjoy all the korean food before I arrived in Malaysia! Anyway I have grown horizontally now..T.T 

Btw not forget to tell, we bath in a common shower room in Boryeong! My first time shower nakedly in front of others..yet is a group of nearly 20 people bathing in one shower room! And the water cold like ice water..ishh...so you have no time to see other's body, what you will thought is, get it done asap then cabut! Lol..

chaos..more updates soon!

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