Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Second last day in Kyung Hee..Mixed feelings!

My second last day staying in this dorm and tomorrow will be my last class before the program end. So sad over ends too fast.

Mixed feelings I have now. Sad because I dislike the feeling of saying goodbye to friends. Nervous because tomorrow will be closing ceremony and something going on tomorrow. Not gonna tell yet cz don't want to have any pressure for myself. I will just enjoy to give my best. *Is not about the matter that I posted in Instagram, it is something even serious than that* Haha..

Thing that I'm grateful about
1. Friends
Appreciate knowing friends from different countries. You guys are really amazing and so fun to mixed with. Love every single one of you! If you happen to be in Malaysia, contact me through Facebook ya..:-)

2. Professor Oliver William
Haha..I feel grateful for his patience to bare with us. Sometimes we have to admit that the video playing is too boring and all of us were looking at our phone but he is being so patience like nothing happen and won't be angry or anything. May be he expected this to be happen every year la. his fifth or sixth time teaching for Kyung Hee Summer Program.


3. My dorm
Although when I arrived I feel slightly uneasy about it but after 4 weeks, I start to love here day by day. Every night sleep soundly..very comfortable! Aww..tonight will be my second last night here. :-(

4. Food 
Ahh..I love korean food so much. Don't think every food here is kimchi and samgyeopsal *pork barbeque*..they have variety of food here, so those who say dislike korean food and choose not to come because you think every meal is kimchi then I hope after you read this, I can changed your perception towards here. Haha..
Food here is too awesome la! Every night different food yet we still can't finish exploring!
Food which is not my favour: Naengmyeong (cold noodles), Bibimbap (vegetables mixed with rice)
Food which I favour: Fried chicken, cake, dessert, everything about green tea, patbingsu (red bean and green tea ice), oreo frozen yogurt, popcorn, samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), samgyeopsal, spicy sliced pork, and many others that I couldn't named it but it will always be in my mind.

Army Stew

Traditional Red Bean Patbingsoo! This is a bomb! 

Spicy pork sliced and steam egg

Oreo Frozen Yogurt! This is super nice and RM5 only! 

Buffet Samgyeopsal

This is nice as well! Boiled pork they called..I don't!

Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae

Looks tempting right?! Want to change your travel plan to Korea ah? Haha..I see if I'm "hardworking" enough I will go back compile all the food pictures that I have here then share it with you guys..haha!

5. Walk everyday
In Penang, I have car so needless to walk but when I'm here, we need to walk all the time even if it is raining heavily and go everywhere by subway! I will miss subway here as well!

Shopping heaven in Ehwa





6. Cosmetics
Cosmetics here is cheap! Some products that I don't even know is also existing here. Lol..I have one sample from Too Cool For School which is get ready dual primer for pores, I don't know what it is for. Lol..and don't doubt about Korean cosmetics, you can get the cosmetics with cheap price which give you the results like those Western brands. So, what are you waiting for, come here shop for cosmetics la! Lol..

And many more I would say.

I will miss here! Hope I can bring my parents and siblings here one day to let them experience what the locals is doing instead of tour around like a tourist! Any of my friends who would like to visit to Korea feel free to ask me details about here. I would be glad to help! :-) But I may not know everything la..Haha..

Btw I will still be staying here until next week la..haha!