Friday, August 9, 2013

Lucky Me

I know I've been away for ages. Sorry I seriously can't find ample time to sit in front of the computer to draft a post. Anyway I purposely sneaked out some sleeping time to mark some memorable dates to recap for the past month spent in Korea. I know I have no time for full review things like that so recap will do me well.

So far I've been lucky throughout the Summer Program I had in Korea. I should say God bless me? I'm luckier than the others? Or I am really capable? Haha..I have not much confidence in myself so I always assume it is my luck which brings me to where I am today.

I will be marking down some of the little "achievements" that I've made in this month. Hehe..

The first lucky gift that I received is Starbucks Tumbler from the speaker who delivered a talk in our class. Those who happened to be in the same class with me always know that I'm a "question student". Is not that I'm super smart that type, but I just can't help it when the topic is something that I'm familiar with and questions will naturally pop up in my mind. Lol..and I am not shy for asking questions in front of the crowd. May be I'm thick skinned that type la..haha..but with this attitude of mine, it eventually builds many soft skills and it could unintentionally leave a good image of you to the speaker. Tips here to share with you, one way to impress them is by raising questions.


Thus, by answering question, lucky me has got a Starbucks Tumbler la..anyway siblings has a fight to own this tumbler. So see who is the owner but definitely not! I'm not a avid fans of Starbucks..

Right after the Starbucks talk, up next is Miss Kelcey from Homeplus giving talk the following day. By answering a very random question in class has got me Homeplus iconic CSR character soft toy named eParan from Miss Kelcey. Fyi, we are not informing in advance that answering questions will got us any gifts so both of the prizes that I've got are really random. Really paiseh for receiving gifts two days in a row. Haha..


Then, two to three days before my completion ceremony, I was picked by my Professor to go up the stage to receive my certificate of accomplishment from the Dean. Only 5 students among all the participants who participated in this program will be selected to go up the stage to receive the certificate. Is my pleasure to be part of them. :-)


On the day itself during the closing ceremony, I joined the talent show. This was the thing that I have mentioned in the previous post when I'm super nervous to it because I'm singing korean song. Lol..a language that I'm totally not familiar with..I performed song by Taeyeon titled Missing you like crazy. Although I didn't win any prizes but it leaves a great memories and put an end to such a fruitful and memorable Summer Program in Seoul. I'm gonna miss everyone here that I know. Love you guys from all around the world. Please take care!

I sing badly here..aiks!

Thanks David for the picture!


Featuring in Kyung Hee official website! So lucky lo me! Haha..Thanks Wooin for telling me! I think this will be one and the only one chances of my face turning up in the official website. Lol..


Last but not least, I am shortlised for the Axiata Young Talent Programme. I submitted the application online few hours before the closing and there are some mistakes I did in the application yet I emailed them again to make the changes so at that time I was hoping the least that they could straight away turn me off for doing such mistakes. So, I didn't expect anything from this application.

But then, out of expectation, I received their phone call while unpacking my luggage from Korea. It is a phone call interview from Axiata. Scare myself out to answer a phone call interview when I didn't prepare anything in advance and still half unconscious as I'm doing the chores. I just do my best for the interview and telling myself don't expect too much, in fact treating it as a interview experience will do.

The next morning while I'm still having my very sweet sleep, my phone rang, again, number from KL. Picked up the call and was informed that I'm shortlisted for the program! Oh gosh, I'm so excited, never thought that I could go thus far! Again, I will just be myself and do my best besides enjoy the entire programme, the other things I will just see how it goes.



Technically, I have 7 weeks holiday spending on attending program then the remaining 3 weeks in total is my holiday! Lol..but I love this kind of holiday! Won't eager on hunting for part time job, because I know in the future I will still have plenty of time to work till I retired so now is the time to learn as much as I can as a student first!

This post is not meant for me to show off or what, I just want to mark down all the memorable dates one day before I have forgotten everything about them. Blog is not for me only to write reviews, to gain traffics, in fact all the visual images should be written into words to snap shot all the memories that we have created and one day reminiscing the past.

Have a nice day peeps!

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