Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blast birthday dinner at Spice Market Cafe, Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

I should talk less in this post..the main character of today post is the FOOD! 

We went to celebrate our birthday dinner at Rasa Sayang. We celebrated separately last year but this year we have decided to eat something good in one sort rather than go separately! Then Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe is our choice! Since it is 6 stars hotel so we think it is the best one! Lol...

4 of us going and Ah Jo is not with us..sad!

And the most important thing is they are having promotion!! I didn't know about that until I called up for reservation! 20% disc for Citibank, CIMB, UOB, Standard Chartered and Maybank Infinite credit cardholders. I am not so sure about the Maybank one. You can call to confirm with them! ^^

We go for Seafood Buffet Dinner on Saturday night. Original price was RM148++. Anyway we have made a smart choice! But we feel so upset that we can't eat much! We are so regret! :-(

Ok I shall stop talking and show you the picture already! Lol... 

The interior

Toppings for Ice kacang

Marshmallow with chocolate fondue

 Cake Section

Ice cream ice cream! 

I love the jackfruit so much!

This looks adorable but trust me your stomach can't fill in any of these after you have taken so much food! :-(

Halloween decoration!

Salad bar


Variety of cold cuts

Wah when I see this I really beh tong! Even now seeing it I also feel like grabbing one! Is in sweet and sour sauce..ahhh! I want them now! ><

Beef and another one is salmon

Cheese Baked Macaroni

I love this as well! Is full of seafood with CHEESE! ^^

Sushi Bar

Gulp! Their Indian food really super nice!

Especially the butter chicken in the pot! My god..I can just go back for this! Is heavenly awesome! Lol..The chicken is so so extremely tender! I don't think I can find them in any Penang Indian restaurant! And don't forget their kambing satay too! Awesome!!

Lobster lobster! Mini one..haha!

 Makan makan time! We knew the chef there and he serves us the sashimi, oyster and the butter chicken!

These oysters was chosen by him! All big big and juicy one! No more big one left in the basket after he picked for us! Lol..XD Thanks chef!

This is the butter chicken that I mentioned! You dip the Garlic Cheese Naan with the butter chicken kuah..your eyes will *Blink Blink*! It is too nice..until I don't know how to describe already! XD Not to forget the Garlic Cheese Naan that was specially made by them upon request from the Chef!

Super satisfied with my FOOD!! :-)

The Lamb!! I am so regret I took one only! I want to go back again..can I??

乌鸡汤!"Black Chicken Soup" I should say..I don't know..but it is so nice! Sheau Jeng one person can finish two! All of us also said of the guests also tell us must take this! Lol..

I am not that fat okay! *Sob..* I don't know why this picture makes me look so fat! Angle problem angle problem! Lol..

Mini lobster with tomyam!

Yvette! Visit her blog! She was my ex-roomie!

All holiao in my plate! Muahahahaha...

See I eat so little! Don't you think so? Fruit time already! :-(

I like this too..add with some ice! Bubur jagung which placed beside the ice kacang topping!

Cakes! We can't finish them all..:-(

Camho time in the toilet! Lol..We are chit chatting in the toilet, stay there for too long! People went to the toilet in and out..looking at us why so weird talking there! Paiseh har! XD

I seldom take picture in the toilet but their toilet is seriously too comfy. Make you don't feel like going out!

This is the birthday celebration for four of us! We think that is worthy la! Will visit again in some time! Lol..

By the way, the most important thing is, currently they are having BUY 1 FREE 1 PROMOTION on Monday and Tuesday which is International Buffet Theme! It is RM118 ++! Very worth la wei! Please go..XD *don't ask me to treat you*

But I am not sure whether the food served is still the same or not..but what do you expect, dine in 6 starts hotel and have RM60 something dinner buffet, anyhow I think is still worth it la! Reserve as soon as possible ya! I think this few weeks has fully booked! Lol..not applicable on Public Holiday and Public Holiday Eve! Expired on the 23rd of December faster go!

Call for reservation
Spice Market Cafe
Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa
Batu Feringghi Beach 
11100 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-888 8888
Spice Market Cafe, Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa

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Last but not least, Congrats to Barack Obama wins election for second term as United States President

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  1. Hey Guen,

    Great post! We just stayed at the Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa as well. Felt really rejuvenated after the stay. What a wonderful relaxing feeling!

    Happy Travels Everyone!