Saturday, November 24, 2012

Focus on the pretty hair

Aloha Happy Saturday Night!

Today is hair tutorial time! Excited? Hehe..Girls look prettier when their hair is nicely braid or tied up nicely! Don't you agree with me, guys? Lolol..They like to look at pretty girls one la.. I am to show you two hair styles that I have tried on myself which means you will be able to learn and braid on your own without help from others as well..perhaps you need some talent too! Lol..but is ok..I believed practice makes perfect! :p

I consider for quite a long time whether to make a hair tutorial video by myself or not. Then after that decided not to do so because there are many existing hair tutorial video in Youtube. I can just pick some of the hair tutorials that I have learnt to upload in my blog. *credits to those pretty girls* Thanks for it! 

I understand that is not good to use others video in my own blog, it shows that I don't have the sincerity to do so..BUT..I am not a professional hair tutorial I am afraid even though I record myself, you all also don't understand what I am doing or saying. LOL..

Working on hair tutorial video is very difficult. You have to speak and braid at the same time, angle problem because sometimes you have to tie at the back so you are required to record from the back..>< Seriously very super hard T.T and I am not pro enough to demonstrate a nice hair tutorial yet. Sorry peeps! *Sincerely apologize*

Many SIFU in Youtube who got like million over views I will pick a few on them, learn by myself then show you the result that I tied on my own with the video uploaded here you can learn it at the same time! ^^

Waterball French Braid
Beginner Level
Difficulties: **

My first hair style that I posted in Facebook! I learnt it from this video clip! :) Sifu is here! I don't have this kind of skill to record video and talk at the same time la! Lol..Click into it to have this pretty hair! 

My super ugly first attempt! It don't usually turn out nicely when the first time I braid them! This is front camera photo just to snap and see how my hair looks like...LOL! *horrible*

Tadaa! I succeed on the second attempt! This is what you know..TALENT!! Lol...I woke my brother up to help me snap this photo..Haha! *bad sis again*

Half Dutch Braid Headband
Advance Level
Difficulties: ****

The one that I uploaded today in Facebook! This hair style is nice but advance level already if to tie it by yourself cz you have to tilt your head to braid it reversely! Chim hor..I felt so..but is ok, click to watch this video then you will know what I am saying. Lol...

Sifu is also here..sorry for adopting other's video..:-( I just feel like learning them and show to you girls! :-)

First attempt! Tied with fringe first, cz I still need to learn how to braid. *My super high forehead*
I really worry about hair loss problem..T.T *without eye brow* Lol..

The results that I tied on my hair..SUCCEED!! This is talent! filter = original photo!
Ya I have pimples on my face. >< Room is yellow light that is why so yellow! Lol..
*with eye brow, ready for dinner*

I have a tip here. In case your fringe is so long like mine, it is advisable to use a elastic band so called rubber band to tied your fringe first, after you done then you take them off! ^^

Last hint, I don't usually look at the mirror when I tie my hair, I usually feel it...feel by touching it! ^^ That's why I can tied on my own...:-)

Pretty or not la you say this hair!
*Focus on the hair..not me!* Lol...

Tried it by yourself girls! You need to be pretty all the time when you go out..especially with your loved one! Tutorial is here for you so what are you hesitate for?! 

Learn it and dress up confidently! My hair so little also can braid, so do you! 
世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。*Everyone can be pretty unless you are lazy* *lousy translation* LOL!
You are the one who decide whether to be pretty or not! Stay pretty girls!


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