Friday, March 14, 2014

How Are You?

I have been away for so long. Just back for a random post. Don't want to neglect it for too long. There is a blogger I look highly upon who is VivyYusof. I always ask myself she has so many commitments yet she manage to update her blog regularly but why can't I? Guendeline, reasons banyak banyak la..

This is the update of these recent weeks. I have my HAIR COLOURED! Soo happy! It is FREE and I'm using L'Oreal Professionnel colour that frequently use by hairstylists in salon! So great! 

Who wants to have your hair coloured free and you are available during weekday in KL, do let me know. We will need hair models regularly so feel free to drop me a message or email if you are interested! 

My hair done by Sher from Centro Hair Salon! Love it so much! Thanks for the dark brown hair colour! Wanted to try darker tone and it's like finally!


It used to be like this, ugly right?! Gold colour, yucks! Don't bleach your hair, if not you will turn out like mine! The gold base is always there. ><


Lynn from UM. A girl used to be my blog reader. She left me a comment in my blog then later on she followed me in Twitter then now we are friends! Lol..long story! I invited her as well for the hair colour training. She has virgin hair and she loves the outcome! 


Few days later, went to Harper's Bazaar event. Working in PPD managed to attend magazine events or all kinds of exclusive invited events but erm..I need to buy clothes whereby is so expensive! High maintenance ahh...


Then is my fourth week in KL so is time to go back home! I will be back once a month. :-)
Last two weeks was my dad's birthday so we had dinner in Yea First Avenue cz all the buffet dinner in hotel are fully booked. 


Matrix Biolage Press Lauching. 


Last Saturday went to Kampar for his graduation ceremony in Utar. Darling, finally you have graduated! I have tons of pictures but I don't think I will upload them in my own profile anyway is not my graduation kind of weird to upload pictures on behalf of him. Lol..

Love 5S front cam. 


Roses selling along the street were really cheap. 


On the way back from Setiawan to KL. I am so insecure when we don't drive on PLUS highway, is like I can lost anytime. ><



L'Oreal Professionnel HAIRchalk is out! Head over to your nearest LP authorized salon to try it out! By the way, retail priced at RM45. :-) You don't need to bleach but you can have pink hair strips! How cool isn't it! It can lasts up to 4 to 5 washes but depends on hair condition.

You may follow L'Oreal Professionnel Malaysia in Facebook or @lorealprofessionnelmy in Instagram. 

From left to right: Orange, Blue, Turquoise, Purple and Pink. Pink is the highest picked colour!
Night peepo! 
Have a great weekend ya! Time flies!