Friday, November 9, 2012

Reasons Why I Blog

A very random this time (12 something at the midnight) I should be sleeping but suddenly have the urge to wake up to write!

Today is something personal. No longer food or travel post! Lol..

I read a quote just now and I like it very much. Do what you love and you'd love what you do. First thought that comes across my mind is my blog.

Some of my friends doubt how come I am so into blogging lately..they asked "Guen, how come you blog a lot lately?" I said ya then I didn't explain further because I understand people may not be interested to know the reason behind it so I don't want to buzz them.

Then I realized tonight is a good time to share it with people. Lol..May be no one's interested! Haha..

I used to be very busy with my studies and activities in the past two years in university. Always skip class to prepare for events and meetings. Reminiscing old time by looking at the below pictures. :-( Such a happening study life! 

But this year I have stop all and focus on my studies, exercise to reduce weight and blogging. That's it!

Why I blog? year before I don't even know what is blog, bloggers and so on. My roommate always kill time by reading blogs and I wonder what makes her so into blogging. Blog is never a common trend back then in secondary school so I have no idea what is it about.

Story begins when I first own my iPhone during Chinese New Year, which was like ten months ago. I registered myself a Twitter and Instagram account. Trust me! I don't even know what's Instagram in last October. Lol..*many people using it already* Drastic changes huh..haha!

I know about bloggers out of no where. The first blogger that makes me have the urge to start my own blog is fourfeetnine, Audrey. After that, I realized there are so many things to learn from blogging. You tend to be more alert to the latest trend and is always up to date. So I decided to kick start with a new blog address! *Previously owned one but stop using it, that one remain private*

It took me such a long time to think of a proper blog address, wanted to have something different. Thinking whether to publicize it or not. How to design my layout. Things like that. Cz you know I am a newbie so all these need some time to learn! Lol..I am totally new and no idea about all the HTMLs..

So it ended up looks like this! *I mean the layout*

Everything settled down! Okay, what's next? 

What is the purpose of this blog..a lifestyle blog, food blog, fashion blog..bla bla bla..I know I am unqualified for all that I've listed above so I will just share about my life!

After two and a half months..........*this blog has been established only two and a half months, but it seems long*

I realized I have gained a lot from it! Don''t ever tell blogging is a waste of time or want to show off about what we have..Is not as easy as how you thought..especially when you share about food reviews, you need to be responsible for your words.

Improve my writing skills. When I read other's blog and I come across words that I don't understand, I will search for the meaning! 

I am very detail in each and every post in my blog. The pictures and words..I will stand on my reader's point of view when I share about my personal comment. For instance, when I visit to other's blog, I wish to see large and clear pictures, detail descriptions, informative and hopefully I can find detail info from a review instead of referring other's blog again. 

That is why some may think that I share about prices, contact and map for food review as if I received a sponsor post or invited review. Actually I am not. I just hope that my readers found all the info needed in a post.

On top of that, when it comes to food review, I have to google some adjectives to describe about the flavour, presentation and all since my English is poor compared to full time food blogger.

One of my reference.

Some may think that I'm still new that is why I'm so passionate about it. I'm trying my very best to improve and even thought of making a video tutorial. It takes time to learn but at least I know I give 100% sincerity in my blog.

Blogging is never easy. You have to take the restaurant interior pictures so customers literally looking at you thinking what the hell is this people taking pictures everywhere..

Then filter themedit picturesupload (takes time when the line is slow), and WRITE! Draft blog post needs the longest time! Sometimes it may take up to two to three hours! Finish a post takes you less than 15 minutes but write a post as a beginner needed a few hours if I want to publish a very detailed posting! :)

I don't know how it turns up in the future. I never thought to be famous or what. I am a ordinary girl who like to share and I am doing what I love! You know...those are call satisfaction! Is like a self accomplishment when people read and like my post! This worth MORE THAN ANYTHING!

I hope I can keep up my passion till I grow! As long as there are still traffic remain in this blog and people loves it, I will not to stop blogging. :) I am so happy that I share this with you!

Never wanted to imitate anyone out there. I am who I am. Thanks for your visits!



  1. Hi sist!! ^^
    My name is Nada :)
    I'm from Indonesia, it's so nice to reading all of your posting :)
    Until I read your old posting, continuously click-ing "older posts" hahaha :D
    Really agree with your opinion in this posting
    My english still bad too, but I'm always try it to make it more good
    It's so nice to find your blog, sist
    Regards from me!! ^^

    1. Hehe thanks for the feedback! You are such a nice girl! I know my weaknesses in blogging so will try to improve to write better quality posts to my readers! I love you guys and hope you guys have a pleasant reading by visiting to my blog too! :-) I will be more than happy if you follow my blog! ^^ Thanks and best wishes to you! Take care..^^

    2. Hehehe you're welcome ^^
      Done follow your blog ya, sist
      I hope we will have good communication in the future and so on :)
      Take care for you too and God bless you, sist :)

    3. Thanks girl! I will update more posts soon cz currently still having exam! T.T thanks for your support! Take care ya and we will keep in touch! Comment in my blog entries to leave me your message! Would be happy to reply that..^^

    4. Okay sist ^^
      Fighting for your exam, good luck!! :D

  2. Hey! I stumble on your blog when I google Dahfa fish fillet which linked to your dahfa CNY snacks haha... anyway.. love your blog! Keep blogging :)

    1. Thanks a lot! I'm just a newbie in blogging and your support is my biggest motivation! :-) Thanks!

  3. Hi Guendeline! I enjoy reading your blog so much! So funny on le every single posts and words! I like the way you blog because it is so interesting *normally i will only go through the photos when I 'read' a blog but yours I do really read every SINGLE words!' Also, I love food hunting! Thanks for your food reviews because I'm a PENANGNITES too *currently study in kl* but I don't even know some of the cafe/restaurant existences until I read your blog hahaa *so fail me*
    btw do you mind to give me your twitter acc name so I can follow you ;) hehe

    1. Hi thanks for the motivation! Appreciate and so sweet of you for leaving your comment here when you drop by! Unfortunately I am moving to KL soon so I won't have so much time reviewing about places in Penang. I see you have a bubbly personality through your words! Keep your cheerfulness and my twitter account is @Guendeline. Feel free to follow! :-) Will follow you back..thanks again!

  4. Hello Guendeline,

    This really encourage me! I was web searching about Dayre and it links to your blog here and before I read further, I wish to drop a line and say thank you - it was indeed informative post and help a lots! Oh.. trust you will be my first follow in Dayre and I hope we can get to know each other more as new friend. Will continue to follow your post :)

    Angie Ng