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Korea Travel Book: Kyung Hee University Summer Program 2013 Opening Ceremony

Hello is my second day of class and the orientation has over for two days already. Now only I got time to blog about it cz two days before was doing the templete and layout of my blog. Sigh till then still haven't settled yet..sometimes I really doubt is that worth sitting in front of the lappie in hostel to deal with my blog instead of having a nice nap or exploring around this area. 

My blog has been creating so much problems lately..make me lost my mood to update it..I even asked my dear is that worth to do so like now sacrificing my sleeping time to update it? *If not I should be sleeping right now, almost 12am already in Korea* And now my blog templete for HTML isn't the same like the older version, I don't know what's happening. I really lost motivation of updating as the blog layout is not something that I wanted and I don't have the time sitting all day long in front of my lappie just to deal with this matter. And the problem that appeared makes my traffic turns up so little I really feel heartbroken and sometimes just try to ignore about it. Someone may have just say me stupid why wasting so much time doing this when I am going for Summer Program, I sometimes doubt about it too. Darling told me is ok if I leave my blog for a month to focus on the Summer Program first, and if someone loves it, they will visit again once I updated after I got back to Penang. 

I don't know what I am thinking now. I just do what I can at this moment. Ignore those that makes me feel upset like the templete and traffic. See how it goes la..


Okay back to my orientation topic!
Monday is the day for Kyung Hee Summer Program Opening Ceremony and some orientation programs. 
We were on our way to the Crown Hall for the ceremony.
This is the way I walk everyday to my class..yep, is like USM slope or even steeper. I think I will slim down after a month! Haha..


Very steep..breath heavily as we walk up the slope!


Crown Hall in Kyung Hee University. 


May be a high school or what nearby to the university? Anyway I am not staying around that area of campus so didn't really go ask about this place. :-)



The program that I am joining! I am taking United Nations Global Compact for this Summer Program. Is kind of a new course to me hence I love it..something different compare to the subject that I usually took back in USM. Besides, the professor is one of the board member of United Nations Global Compact if I'm not mistaken. Learnt a lot from him and my English listening skills certainly improving as he is a Mat Salleh! Lol..




With the Summer Program tees. I love it much nicer compared to USM activities tshirt..haha..XD



Seriously participating in this Summer Program is such a eye-opening experience to me. No wonder seniors and friends always persuade me to go for exchange..haha..indeed it is true..if you have the chance to go for exchange, you should go for it! Is too late for me to exchange that is why I seek information about Summer Program offered by some of the foreign universities in International Office USM. There are plenty of courses offered from Japan or even Sweden, but sadly my exam schedule clashed so I left only this option!

Anyway I still feeling grateful to be able to have a overseas study experience. :-) 
Peeps, don't missed it out if you are still given the chance! 


Ugly photo! I didn't know this photo is to make student card, or else I will send a prettier one. Ishh...:p


Kay Chin and Seline.


After the speech given, some traditional korean culture dance performance.  







Men's traditional "dance" I should say? Haha..don't know how to describe, but certainly we prefer girls cultural dance.



Taekwondo is famous in Kyung Hee University. 
Once I knew about it I can't wait to share it with ah Jo. Took many videos and sent her through whatsapp. 



360 turn to smash the apples! Briliant!


Is like flying la bro..


I can't imagine how much time they have to practice for this 20 seconds performance! 


How can you jump so high?! It doesn't make sense! 


Jo, please tell me you can do this!!


Dance Gentlemen by Psy right after the taekwondo performance. How can they master everything huh?! 




Kyung Hee Kindergarten nearby the hall. cute the little kids.. 


One of the campus cafeteria. 





Lunch of the day. The red colour food is like crabmeat, my first time trying it. So nice..
And in the middle is toppoki in some sort like carbonara sauce. 


College of Hotel & Tourism Management Building


Kyung Hee Central Library. Magnificent architecture.




Slope again. :-(


Orbis Hall where my classroom located in. Quite a distance from my hostel cz I am staying off campus. 


Alright. That's it for the post! I have to sleep d! Nanight! Is 12.30am here! 
So damn sleepy..><

Tomorrow I am going to Jeju Island. Hopefully Sunny day again and no rain people.
Pray for me! 

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