Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cut it Short 22052013

Hello! Welcome on board to view the vain photos! But I love those photos la..haha! *thick skin*

Yoohoo..very last minute decision to go for a hair cut yesterday..
My dull and dry hair is driving me crazy!
1. Split ends due to the hair bleach before CNY
2. Hair fall when I bath, comb and so on..
3. The hair tips is very dry makes it tangled all the time when I wash
4. Hair is super flat and all sorts of reason la...

So just very daring called up my hair stylist for appointment! Super last min one..she is shock as well cz she said I usually won't last min called up make appointment for hair cut one..haha!
Usually I cut when I dye my hair!

Last picture of my long hair! And very funny..I bring back the remaining hair lo..Darling said very scary la..I felt so as my bag and saw a bundle of my own hair. Lol...
*don't want to post here to scare you*



Tadaa! Chopped off the whole thing to shoulder length! Very daring hor! 
Never have such short hair ever since I graduated from secondary school! 
Yesterday my dear Sin Wah saw me in Gurney, she asked "你想不开啊?" Lolol..
Ya lo..Darling hurt me so much so I went for a hair cut..hahaha! 


Photo taken this morning! I love this length and yet hair is still dry so you can imagine how hard is it to comb when it is long..?! Hair fall everywhere..:-( 
Alert: vain photos








That's it my short hair anyway! May be looked more matured when you see me in real person but anyhow is a new fresh look! Btw I didn't cut my fringe..may be will cut bangs again during end of the month! 

Sabah trip posts coming up soon..
Stay tuned! 

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