Monday, May 20, 2013

Post Sabah Trip

Finally I am back to my blog after a week. Went to Sabah last week. Is a fun trip though. ^^

Bring my lappie along but no where to online because there is no wifi available in the apartment unless we pay. :-( So bringing 3 to 4kg lappie is not a fun thing during trip! It makes my hand luggage got into almost 10kg! Scare you huh?! And we have to travel from LCCT back to KL Sentral with SkyBus then going back to Wangsamaju by LRT then go back by cabs only we are home! So so heavy with my stupid luggage! Luckily I have Darling to help me carry one of it. If not I don't know how am I going to die and cry with these two luggages!

Lesson learnt: 
When Baby is not around, never bring such a heavy luggage, unless I have four rollers suitcase! ><

Coming back to prepare two assignments and a presentation due this week. Luckily I have very considerate group members who can tolerate with me. 

Apart from that, I am away for a week so would have to skip one week classes but I have only four lectures so still fine for me. Presentations is not falling on the travel week unless the lecturer make it earlier which is beyond my control. I checked all my study schedule and informed the lecturer before I bought the flight ticket to make sure no clashes for my presentation. :-) 

Anyway, I am back this week but a lot more assignments needed to be done so Sabah post would have to pending for a week after that I will be back full force before my study leave and final exams. Gosh I have no time to update again. :-( I think I am gonna update very frequent next week to finish all the Sabah post and also before I forgot all the moments spending in Sabah. 

Going to be away for some time. Don't forget my blog! I miss you guys..<3

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