Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Play your part as a student

Today is Universiti Sains Malaysia Campus Election 2012/2013

I am glad that I fulfilled my responsibility as a USM students by voting who should be elect to be the representatives of student council. Obviously, I have voted to my friends, not because of the reason they are my friends. I have seen how much efforts they put in their previous activities, even working with some of them before. I know how serious they are when they work.

I should tell some students out there, sometimes we shouldn't comment or judge people on how they do things if you never work with them. Sometimes they are being hot tempered because they just want things to turn out perfectly. Even I will be hard to go along with when you work with me. You will know how serious I am when you do activities with me. LOL..

I salute to the hard work they put since they decided to join the election of student council. I admit some people may said they are not sincere cz what they have been doing is to get something in return which is to win the election. But who else in the world do things without hoping something in return and do it voluntarily with heart? I am sure there must be a lot of people out there with this attitude, but in such competitive and realistic world, a fresh grad student may need something extra to impress the employers, may be involve in student council is one of their options?

Sometimes just feeling bad to see friends has been insulted by other students. I understand everyone may dislike certain people but sometimes if what you have comment is not true, it may hurt the person badly. Words may be too powerful until you may hurt someone unintentionally. What you dislikes you may just choose not to vote the person, instead of saying bad about that person in a public platform. You may have your right, but release your temper on your vote instead of insulting people in public. :( Anyhow he is not doing something really bad, I wonder have you work with him before, if not, why you hate him so much, he offended you before? LOLOL!!

Sorry I have no knowledge on what's the purpose of them being so aggressive on winning it or I have no idea what's the political issues that is hidden from this election. I am just voice out what I have seen so far by  myself. This is my second time voted for the campus, hopefully I get to vote for the third time before I graduate. Everyone, please go to vote for the respective candidates! Don't let your personal emotion to stop you from voting, what you have to do is just step out of your room, go to the cafeteria to vote for them. 

I wished the luck is with all my friends who are participating in this election. Don't be disappointed even though you are not winning, it is a learning process to you, may be you deserves better than this! :)
Good luck!

p.s No one asked or request me to post this. Is just my thought after all, please do not politicized it! Thanks! 

Story of the day: 

When I went for the voting, a lecturer of mine whom I worked with before, asked me whether want to be a PETAS active member or not. PETAS is a department formed by a group of students who are living out of the hostel, I have been staying in hostel for two years, this is my first time travelling back home everyday started since this semester. I am not sure whether he recognized me or not but I am shocked when he asked me about that. I reject him on the spot by telling him I have joined activities since first year and now is my third year, I wish to do something different instead of actively involved in activities again.
Seriously I wish to do something different in this semester, even though it is just a routine of going to class, assignment, studying, blogging, exercising or even hanging out with friends. I am happy to what I am doing now, I wish to achieve something different compared to the last two years. Successfully planning an event is not my ultimate satisfaction already. It has been the past, now I am planning and start thinking what will be the path ahead me. Planning everything for the future.

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