Sunday, October 7, 2012

Love me please

Hello, I am here to share my squash practice! Excited or not! It may be your first time to see it so clearly how squash racquet and ball looked! Yea me as my first time ever seen it after I joined this class.

Here you go! The squash racquet and ball, small right the squash ball! I think squash racquet is quite heavy compared to badminton racquet. So for me who used to play badminton is really unfamiliar to hold squash racquet! ><

My racquet, Yvette and Sheau Jeng's racquet! Thanks to Jaimie who lent me her racquet! Gamsahamnida!

The squash court is surrounded by four walls. *Obviously* Lol..Is so hard to hit the ball when it bounce from the wall! I feel like tear down the wall and turn it to like badminton court..LOL! *joking joking* 

Is so hard to play squash especially you need physical strength and a lot of skills! Seriously a lot of skills! Somehow is quite different with badminton because you have to hit the squash ball against the front wall, how much strength you apply then how powerful it bounce back! If the ball landing before the red line is considered to be out. *helpless*

So please imagine it by yourself how tiring is this sports! Have to hit really hard with the right skills, if not it can't bounce back nicely! :-( Down to the max la I tell you! We have to learn everything within a short period (one and a half month) like what my instructor said, it is a intensive squash class!

Yvette is playing squash! :-) *very serious* whereas Sheau Jeng and I sitting outside sembang! See, hardworking student in the court!

When we practice halfway, the stor uncle came over, took our racquet and offer to play with Yvette. We also want to play with him but he played so well, how to expect beginners like us to play with him?! Lol..

Squash ball! Sir asked us not to wear dark colour clothes cz your partner may hit you as you are wearing the same colour like the ball! Lol..

Yvette getting ready! Disturbing them while they are playing..Actually I shouldn't be in the court! :p Paiseh!

Hello all! The super-aunty look while exercising! Everytime with my hairband on! Lol...

Forcing them to take picture with me! I am glad we have been assigned to the same group! Have fun playing squash with both of you! We laugh more than play! Lolol..

Mr. Squashy, let me love you before I sit for the exam! Please...

The desperate me! Haha..

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