Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's coming up next?

Alright..everyone was thinking 21122012 is coming..I don't think so lo..yet some of my friends birthday fall on this day too..they wanted to have a blast birthday as well..aren't they? Hehe..

Today 20122012..I think is a special day for me to write this blog post la! I don't think tomorrow will be doomsday, everything is still very calm now..In fact, we are waiting for exam to begin and ready to shop for Chinese New Year outfits la! Lol..


I have lots of wishes still haven't realized please...doomsday don't come! I still want to live happily lo..

And I believed many friends of mine still haven't realize their wishes yet like find a good boyfriend, marry a good husband ah, score well in exam ah, find a job with good pay ah, enjoy their life and so on! Haha..

I have promised myself one day if I achieved 10K views then I'm gonna release the carbon footprints create by you all! You are one of the contributions towards this 10K views o! I appreciate lots! ^^

In conclusion, this day won't come..we will be alright! Don't be freak out! Lol..

So, Christmas is around the corner lo..25th of December! Yeah! Wish you a merry christmas in advance!

We have not much feelings including my course mates I we are having our study leave *down* during Xmas and New Year festive season! Why study leave and exam you both fall on this season huh? :-( Should review the semester time table again! Lol.. So no shopping spree for us on January! ><

And I told myself no outings as well during exam period! Gonna focus on my paper..I hoped so! *finger cross* So please don't jio me know I always update my routine through blog so you are welcome to check on me whether did I go eat nice food or!


Last but not least, happy new year 2013! Imma gonna count down with my love! 
I am so happy he is coming back on this day! happy with his presence! ;-)


Hehe..don't forget tomorrow is 冬至噢! Going to have glutinous ball again! Love it...
I don't know what it called in English but saw someone posted is Winter Solstice Festival! 
Happy Winter Solstice Festival! 冬至快乐!
I am off to 搓汤圆 already! *make glutinous ball la* *mum's nagging*
If possible next time post it here la! :-)

Again..happy 20122012! Such a special date to blog about!  

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