Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ben's arrives at Gurney Paragon Mall

Ben's is finally here in Penang! ^^

Before we went, we were dilemma don't know where to dine in for dinner, then I said hopefully Ben's is open cz I wanted to try it so badly! I had it before in KL with darling for once and the other time with Yvette and Sheau Jeng.

We walked around to choose a place for dinner like Italiannies, Lunarich but end up we decided to go for Ben's in St. Jo! But we thought Italiannies would be our choice in the next visit..heard people said is nice though. I am so excited to dine in Ben's once again and this time is in Penang. By the way, I just done a case study on BIG group. The boss, Benjamin Yong is also the founder of Delicious. :-)

Again, the classic design of Ben's from BIG group @ Gurney Paragon Mall. 

The main entrance. 

Outdoor dining.

It is located in St. Jo's in case you couldn't find it. 

The indoor area I could said is quite small. This is all you can see on the number of dining tables so better make reservation for dining indoor. 

As usual, the contemporary decor of Ben's.  

This is the other end of the indoor area. 

Only a long table at this section. So you can see it is pretty small but again pretty and cosy ambience. 

Hello, Jeng and Yvette, we food hunting together. :-)

Wah I can't resist on the cakes! Next time I shall come to Ben's instead of Delicious. Lol..

The marshmallow looked so heavenly on top of the cake! If we didn't ordered the soup, we might grab a slice of cake. :-( I shall try out either Rocky Road Cake or Chocolate Truffle Torte on my next visit. 

The signature ply card by Ben's.

I always dilemma whether to pick Pasta or Main Course. Lol..anyone facing the same like me?

The menu selection was vast. *I want everything*

Chunky Mushroom Soup RM14.90
with truffle oil and garlic toast
The texture was quite rich with generous portion of mushroom. So you are advised to share it with others instead of finish it all by yourself cz you will end up be full. Haha..

Picture before we eat!

YvetteAll this pretty pictures credit to her camera. Sony NEX-F3!

Chan-Grilled Seafood Spaghettini RM25.90
with chilli flakes and wiited spinach
Jeng claimed that this is too oily, after she finish half of it, we can see that the plate is full of olive oil. We told the waitress about that and hopefully she reviewed it to the chef. She thought that this pasta is much better in Ben's Pavilion. 

Jeng ordered again the same dish she had before in Ben's Pavilion cz she miss the taste. 

Beef Lasagne RM23.90
layers of pasta, minced beef bolognese and cheese, baked till golden
Yvette's food of the night. Ample portion of minced beef, cheese, and bolognese sauce. We think that the minced beef is quite rough..perhaps we expect it tastes softer. 

Aloha! My food served! Next time I shall ordered Mushroom Lasagne or Macaroni Cheese! Craving for it...but this time I ordered a Cheeseburger. :-)

Ben's Cheeseburger on Sesame Seed Bun RM25.90
with cheddar slices and french fries
The patty is very juicy and I actually prefer this among the two other main courses! 
Alright I picked the right one for myself! Hehe..

Served with generous portion of patty and side dishes!

Satisfying face! ^^

We are all happy with our food! Finally we have Ben's in Penang! Hehe..
Can Plan b be the next?! 

Overall the service was attentive, food selection is vast but there are still room of improvement for Ben's at Paragon like the greasy pasta and minced beef was slightly too rough for lasagne. Besides, the indoor area is quite small so easily got fully booked.

So better call for reservation to avoid disappointment!

Call for reservation
Ben's @ Gurney Paragon Mall
163C-1-03, 04 & 163C-2-02
Gurney Paragon Mall
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang. 
Contact Number: 04-228 8909
Operation hours: 11am to 11pm daily

Anyway, had a pleasant dining experience with them and happy for our two days outing!



  1. their servings looks delicious!

  2. Yup! This place is always so crowded..:-)